ZFS Unraid Docker (legacy dataset display) - exclusion filter help

Using ZFS to store my docker containers in Unraid.

I’m trying to hide all the ‘legacy’ datasets docker creates in the ZFS filesystem.

Main → ZFS Master → Normal mount points + lots of zfs mount points created by docker.

Settings → ZFS Master has a line labeled “Datasets Exlussion Patterns (Just One!);”
yes it is spelled that way.

My understanding is setting a pattern here will hide mathing datasets from Main-> ZFS Master.

Here are some example datasets:



Here is my pattern: ^zfs-sas/docker/.*

When I test this on regex and lua test sites it matches fine,
but it doesn’t seem to work for hiding all these docker datasets.

Am I misunderstanding how this works?
Or just doing something wrong with my pattern?

  • Thanks for any help!