ZFS - Not enough space


I’ve recently acidentally ruined my ZFS pool and am currently restoring it from backup.

Strangely when I do huge copies like this; I always get a message along these lines


This is over NFS

I know this isn’t the case as my zpool lists 3.62 TB free.

In this case, the files/folders total 1.6TB (Although this is compressed, and I’m unsure if this is the issue - Compression messing up the calculations)

Did you copy anyway?

Did compression allow 1.6Tb to fit in the space?

It’s still copying, but yes it will fit

It is from there, originally

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Any hint of compresssratio so far?

Like, making the data fit in even Less of the pool than expected?

It’s currently a low compression ratio, but there is a number of highly compressed files on there, still to go; which will definitely push it up much higher

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