Zfs creating directory and share -proxmox

My system is a msi Meg z690 unify Intel 12900k with 64gig ddr5 nvidia gts 8700
So I’m on proxmox I have two zfs pools or volumes one with nvme 2 500 gig zfs raid 0 and the other spinning drives 4 2tb drives zfs raid 10 may change to raid 5 or 0
I’m on proxmox where I have created them and I’m trying to figure out how to add directory’s to these.
Using the ui it seems to create a directory I have to have empty drives.
Messing with ui it looked like maybe I’d have to in put a ex4 file system on it but don’t know how to do that but then found I could create folders using command line.
Now I was frustrated and tired last night and was able to do things but then got out of it and tried going back and making sure I understood it and wasn’t able to get there and hoping I could get some help here for best practices of doing all this.
My main goal is to get all my vm/ docker apps on the nvme then run file sharing on the spinning hard disk for backups movies tv shows downloads and maybe have log storage for pfsense or put the log storage on the nvme.

On Proxmox, the web GUI is just for creating a pool and checking pool status.

For everything administration, you use the command line.

Means you mount the dataset in question. mountpoint is a dataset property for every zfs filesystem within a pool, no need to mess with /etc/fstab when using zfs. A simple zfs set mountpoint=value tank/filesystem and just do a mkdir to create a directory once it is mounted.

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