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ZeroNet: Decentralizing websites

While looking in to Project Maelstrom (it seems dead) i came across an article that mentioned another project called ZeroNet. Same principle, its goal is to create a decentralized web where visitors store and serve web content using the bit torrent protocol. One big difference i read though is that ZeroNet allows for realtime dynamic updating of web content Allowing a forum or live chat to work. From what i recall this wasn't possible in Maelstrom. Its also mentioned that it uses Bitcoin cryptography which could also lead to bitcoin intergration in the future. People can make payments directly to a web address.


I'm not glad Maelstrom is dead or anything, but I am glad the alternative that lets you use it in other browsers is the one that survived.
Are there any interesting sites up on it yet?

So I discovered this b/c of the recent censorship debacle. It is cool tech but it seems about as dead as this thread lol. Any suject matter experts on it?

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