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Zen2 (3000) versions of embedded?


I might have missed it but has there been any mention of refreshing the R1000, V1000, or Epyc 3000 embedded processors to Zen 2 in AMD’s presentations at Computex/E3? For that matter can these things actually be purchased outside a pre-built system? Well, I did find some supermicro Epyc boards but was interested in the R/V variants too.



Had just been wondering the same and Google brought me here.

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Not in the public stuff, no. They only talked about the mainstream regular desktop CPU stuff.



I actually just picked up a 3000 Embedded system. They took forever to hit the market in an end-user friendly package. They’ve only been available a couple of months, so I don’t think that we’ll see Zen 2 variants all that soon even if they’re announced. (Epyc 3000 was announced in 2018).



Yeah, I’m getting the feeling I will need to consider a low end Epyc Rome CPU if I want the Zen2 security tweaks in a smaller footprint w/10 Gb Nics, etc.