Zen sound so much better then intel Broadwell E cpu

can you really put your faith in AMD to deliver though? they have been rebranding their GPU's since before time began.

Re-branding isn't evil or unethical by he way.

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Yes I have faith in AMD to deliver there likely hood really depend on too in PC market.

We will know more this December. Hopefully the launch will not delay until Q1 2017, but you never know with stuff like this. Global Foundries has a kinda spotty track record.

Edit: Delayed 'cause Jim Keller left? Eh, why? He was a manager in the design phase, if he still was with AMD he would be managing teams designing new chips, not having much to do with production of current ones.

The info so far sounds OK. If the price is right it will probably be good. I hope motherboard makers make some nice boards, that chipset etc has ok features. But well see, come Christmas.

I think AMD will have to do somthing pretty damn amazing with thier CPUS in order to catch up for lost time. They have been out of the high end CPU game for to long and lost a lot of customers to Intel because of this.

Even if Zen comes out and it's awesome they better keep updating the line as frequently as Intel or they will get left behind again.

Yeah that is so truth as well.

I am a graphic designer, I fully understand re branding, and yes it is unethical to rebrand the same graphics card 3 times and pretend its new. (I have a r9 390 btw)

Well first off the 390 is only a single rebrand. The 290 was a new GPU.

Also nVidia does this all the time as well. 680 became the 770. Ect...
It makes more sense for AMD considering the 290 was still, despite its age, incredibly competitive.

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AMD always makes their new stuff sound better than everything else. it is usually as good as it needs to be but people cam't see past the overhype and then shit on them for it and then they lose sales. I will be buying Zen regardless of any of this as I want an upgrade form my old AMD CPU so the new one will be better anyway.

I expect Zen to be really quite good but not beating Intel at least not until the drivers are all there, like with the last FX line there were updates that made then work just fine after a while.

I am not buying Intel, to shady of a company and I like to know what I buy will remain what it is when i bought it, if not actually get better over time.

AMDs GPU are always a solid bet though so no worries there beyond the usual wait for reviews and see which one is actually the one you want.

Great, lol pulling out the Nvidia card straight away thinking I'm some fan boy XD this forum is so predictable. better not say I use W10

back to the original question, all I'm saying is lets not get our hopes up, I really don't think people should be moving all dem eggs to AMD's basket

I was just using it as an example that re-branding is rampant and of course not always a bad thing . I wasn't claiming you were a fanboy... Although I do find it odd that you chose that as an example of AMD's trustworthiness when there are way better examples. Calm your tits.

I use Windows 10. Best version of Windows yet.

I agree.

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How exactly does using an example from Nvidia make him a fanboy? He brought up a completely valid point, the 500 series was based on Fermi just like its predecessor, and the 700 series was a Kepler line of cards just like the 600 series.

It's kind of hypocritical to criticize one company for doing something but defend another for doing it. I mean, come on. That doesn't make for a very balanced discussion here.


Well that was because the AMD architecture, the CMT, was significantly different than Intel. Windows didn't know how to properly address it. Zen is SMT, and operates very similarly to Intel's chips so I doubt it would be as much of a problem this time around.

He was claiming I made him sound like a fanboy.

I am aware of this but also allowing time for bed in while everything gets set up just so.


I wouldnt say I dont thnik they can be trusted, its more competency. How many times have people said AMD are "coming back"

"high five"

"another high five"

Just keep this in mind:
If a upgraded and slightly changed design from ATIs era holds um against "new" Nvidia gpus, guess who had the better engineers.

its no secret that to be welcome on this forum you have to love AMD

My original message wasn't saying Nvidia are any better at this, but seeing as it was about AMD I mentioned them, and the difference is AMD/Intel actually do deliver whether that is to the best of their ability or not and whos fault is that? AMD for sitting on their arse

again I'm not saying Nvidia are better. seriously please can people read my post XD I