Z97 mATX with SLI and NIC support

I'm looking for a Z97 mATX board that uses the very top and very bottom PCIe slots for SLI, leaving the third slot down available for a NIC.

The setup I want is:

PCIe x16 (First graphics card)

PCIe x1 (This row doesn't really matter)

PCIe x4 (Use this row for NIC)

PCIe x8 (Second graphics card)

The closest I've found is the Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper M5 however it uses Z87 chipset. Any help would be apreciated.

The thing with Z97 m-atx boards is, if you wanne do 2 way sli, then you basicly block all pci-e slots. Gigabyte Sniper M5 has basicly the same problem aswell.

I dont think that there is any board on Z87/Z97 that has a full X16 slot on the bottom at 8x.

Only X99 EVGA Micro will have the capabillity.

yeah I think I've seen a few boards with this layout, I just don't think any are Z97.

Till now i have only seen the EVGA X99 micro which has 3 pci-e 3.0 X16 slots. On which the bottom slot runs at 8x. so with this particular board you are able to run sli on X8 in slot 1 and 3. I cant think of any other option, as far as desktop boards goes.