Z87X-UD3H Fastest ram allowed?

I have just bought a new motherboard along with a 4670k and i currently have some PNY (2x4gb) 1333mhz ram from my old rig.

I am wanting to buy some new ram when the price goes down and on gigabytes website it says that anything faster than 1600 has to be OC'ed. If i was to buy say 1866mhz or higher would it work with that board?



Your board can handle the fastest ram available.

All you do is load one of the XMP's for the ram in the bios - will set the speed (eg 1866) and timings to suit.

Just a waste of money replaceing the sticks you have for 'faster' sticks you whont see any improvement ram will not go down again its just going to get more expensive as ram makers tool up for DDR4 production.