Z87 motherboards

I was wondering when are the remaining z87 boards coming out, such as the z87 extreme 11 a/c? I ask this because I was going to build a PC around the holidays for myself . I saw the MSI XPOWER and I love except the msata port when used disables the SATA 5 port >.<. Furthermore, other boards like the ASROCK extreme 9 don't have the expanison features I need. I plan to do two ways SLI , sound card , capture card, pci express ssd and because SLI has issus with multi-monitors (3) do I need another gpu?


Ensure that the motherboard is SLI compatible. Once that need is met, just about any Z87 motherboard is suitable for all your additional devices.

How much are you willing to spend? There are motherboards with really great onboard sound( e.g ROG series). Others with better connectivity (e.g ASUS pro and some MSI mobos). This will save on cost and you will require fewer PCIe slots for all your devices.

Bullet point all your questions and/or needs. It will be easier to answer each in turn.

For this build I didn't want to limit the rig so I have no budget. Also, I figured that  a separate sound card from like Creative labs would be better than most on-board graphics.

- For the GPU 2 way SLI GTX 780 Hydro (this will be water cooled build )

- I wanted to use the full amount of on-board SATA for storage, as a result the ASUS Raidr looks promising

- For video editing, gameplay capture , professional results would I need a decklink ?

- Do I need a third gpu for this build due to issues with sli and 3 monitors?

Other info:

CPU- 4770K

RAM- Corsair Dominator Platinum 32gb

PSU : silverstone 1500w

Case: Cosmos 2

For storage I was going to use mixture of ssds and wdc mechanical hard drives.

P.S: I plan to use an external optical bay


Woah, I hope you have a high resolution monitor for those dual 780s? I max out my 1440p panel with just a single 780 in most games I play. Low end Z87 motherboards do not often come with SLI capability. You'll want a middle-tier or higher.

Definitely recommend ASUS. Their new utilities and BIOS is pretty good on Haswell.

Don't know about Decklink

Should be fine editing with 16GB of RAM. If you wanted to spend your money, that 32GB of RAM would be good as fast storage.

Could save money on that PSU. Probably only need 850W, preferably gold/platinum rated.

Sounds good. I happen to like/own the ROG Hero. Pretty inexpensive. Good overclocking. Brilliant onboard sound. The problem is that is doesn't have wifi and bluetooth. What is important to you? I am uncertain if the PCI slots on this board will accommodate your needs. I guess it depends what slots your devices require. If they need a full 16 pin, 8 pin and so on. Do you have your choice of capture card?

There are many other boards that should be considered.