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Z690 motherboard ATX 12V 2X2

Is the deal with the ATX 12V 2X2 CPU power on Z690 the same as previously that you only need the 2 x 4 and the 2 x 2 is for extreme overclocking? Trying to find some documentation on this but I’m failing so wondering if anyone can confirm?

Well this differs per board a bit.
But in most cases you will be fine with just the single 8 pin,
when the board is using the high current version of the connector.
The additional 8 pin is sometimes required for extreme overclocking.
Still most modern psu’s do have the additional connectors anyways.
So i would personally just plug them in, because why not?
If your particular psu lacks the additional 8 pin or 4+4 cpu power,
then i assume it is a pretty old unit already.
And then i would highly advice to consider replacing it.

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