Z170 raid help

I need help setting up raid 0 on my Asus z170 PRO motherboard. I have a boot ssd and two identical 1TB hdd's that I want in raid 0. I was able to access the Intel Option ROM utility and set up the two hdd's in a raid 0 array. Now the difficult part is that when I go to boot up windows I get a blue screen with the INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE error. If I go into the UEFI and change the storage configuration from RAID to AHCI, Windows will boot up normally. I've tried switching drives to different ports but to no success.

Thanks for any help!

Asus Z170 PRO motherboard
8 GB of 3600MHz DDR4
512 GB Samsung 850 EVO ssd
2x 1 TB WD Blue hdd

I'm wondering if there is something in the "Compatibility Support Module" that can help me. If I set the "Launch CSM" to "Auto", the system doesn't boot at all and it just goes to the UEFI.

You have to set both drives to RAID in the UEFI and then boot from install media (dvd or usb) - depending on the drives you may also have to install RAID drivers

I went into the UEFI, loaded optimized defaults, booted into windows, installed the Intel RST raid driver from the included motherboard driver CD, reset my computer, went back into windows, and now the raid 0 is showing up even though it's set to AHCI and not RAID.