Yunohost without a domain?

Hi, I’m here today to ask you something I couldn’t figure out on my own.
I’m trying out on my Pi yunohost and, during the configuration it asked me to input a domain name. I provided my free no-ip DNS but it looks like I screwed up something because it basically doesen’t work. I installed the updater afterwards and opened all the correct ports. The DNS service works but not as a domain in yunohost.
For example Ampache reports an HTTP 500 error.

same issue. nothing loads… and i put in my actual domain name i bought. [DNS is configured and pointed at my IP address which yunohost agrees is correct] and the localIP for admin panel is up and working… but going to my [obvs not but using that as example] website doesn’t load. doesn’t ask for login. just fails as “can’t be reached” i’ve installed a web app as well, loading it also fails. nginx says everything’s ok and i don’t see any actual errors. this is a super fresh install.