Yu-Gi-Oh anyone?

One of my favorite childhood games

Dude, it's a great game! Me and a friend still play it. The latest expansions add a new twist with the synchro summons and it took me a while to come to with it but after I got used to the new format, I kinda like it! good new level of gameplay to the game, which allows for more complex and interesting plays.

Actually, a game came out pretty recently for the XB1 (ew console I know) but me and a couple of friends bought it and have been playing for a while. It's pretty great for nostalgia purposes.

I recently got back into it but havent played much of it due to issues with money and life. I have been using DevPro or Dueling Network to satisfy my desire of YuGiOh when I can't come to locals. People still play it to this day.

I used to play The Eternal Duelist Soul on GBA religiously lol.