YouTubes selective video/chanel blocking, missing options

So I like most gets ads below video descriptions, some are ads from outside yotube but others are just youtube videos themselves acting as ads for chanels.

Some of these are just irrelevant which is fine, some are outright not what I want to be seeing and for that there is a button.

The problem is youtubes selective use or access to this button.

On general ads most of the time you get a button to not see it. A lot of the times there isn’t one but they seem to be for inconsequential ads like insurance and things. Potentially offensive ads or ones directly at one sex or age group tend to have a button.

But the youtobe videos ads, for other videos I mean, dont have this at all.

On the main home feed I can click the 3 dots and get a hide and dont recommend this channel button.

So I get ads for things I don’t like or fundamentally cannot agree with, and I mean physical revusion, in this case it is christian values being pushed on people. Not getting into it but my country has a LOT of issues with christianity in general and religion as a whole, it has done truely aweful things to our people and covered it up over the centuries. It is actually enraging they get away with it and then are allowed to continue pushing that hate on others like they are the good of the world and are here to save… Sorry getting off topic.

But it strikes me that this is intentional on youtubes part. Why are some chanels blockable but in my view the worst of all of them is not.

I genuinely want to report this chanel for hate, voilence and misinformation as it is all of those, but apparently that is a subjective opinion despite what the laws say and have ruled on, but the chilling effect is that I am scared to do something in my power to better my life because they might just ban me for trying to avoid mental stress.

What can I do about this.

I don’t want to lose my account especially to standing up to hate speach.

Just spitballing here, but might they be racially profiling you because of an Irish IP address?
Or could they be targeting the ads because of engagement (even dislikes on videos?)
Obviously you would rather not make a whole new account, and the current one has all your subs, comments, likes etc, but do you get the same ads when in incognito?

That is presuming the phone app allows incognito. Ooof, actually, it probably does not. Dangit.

Okay, you have an android phone, right? So Papa Googs gonna know it’s you regardless.
What bout accessing YT in a browser, incognito? It might play like absolute ass, but less egregious?

If the profiling is just location, tried a vpn to “relocate” elsewhere? Even a free one that tracks you might be better than the offensive ads; your ISP sells your “anonymised “ data anyway :man_shrugging: :tinfoil:

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Try resetting your Android advertising ID ( Settings > Google > Ads > Reset advertising ID ) and make sure Ad Personalization is disabled in your Google Account profile.

Edit: You can also delete your YouTube search history which will reset the recommended videos categories. But make sure that’s something you’re okay with losing. I regularly search my History to find and share video links with others.

I think blocking a user/channel hides their videos from you (unless actively searched for):

I will check again but the info box for blocking said it blocks that creator from.commenting on your videos, not block them from my view.

@Trooper_ish I don’t know, there is definitely a profile. But my advertising is very non targeted, i frequently get stuff in italian, french and german too and female reporductive therapy ads. They are not all the time too that I get these just that these are the only ones i actively try to get rid of anytime i see them, they are repulsive.

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Fair enough. I won’t presume to pretend to know How YT have their various competing algorithms set up, nor which bits of our ever growing profiles it uses at which time.

I grew up Christian, and would not be offended by offered content. I would ignore it, but not mind.
Instead, Pap Googs picks on my Christian (sic) name, which is used in all the Abrahamics, to show me Muslim and Jewish ads.
I have no idea why they don’t target me with Christian content- there is even a Christian chanel I follow, though I am not actively religious.
I don’t mean anything by this, and agree the Troubles, and evil pastor actions, show it would be better to avoid such things all together, and if not avoided, then allow users to opt out.

To be fair, I actively do not engage with adverts shown on YT, apart from clicking the skip button.
And apart from begging videos for sick jewish kids, or adverts for Muslim brides, I don’t seem to get many ads like that.

It also seems Dumb for them not to allow an opt-out, as that would allow them to enrich their profile on you, making your ad-id more relevant, and hence more valuable.

Perhaps the lizard people running Alphabet are trying to turn all their victims into bible-bashing Christians?

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That is the crux of my problem.

I grew up mostly christian too but with thankfully hands off and not very faith based family.

In the years since, the lies, hurt, murder, manslaughter, rape, abuse and just infuriatingly common child abuse have made me not not only not want any part of religion, but if that is what they protect and stand for while preaching forgiveness, inclusion and compassion, they need to be ended. It makes me very angry. Happy beaming faced old priests absuing children while the chursh hides and protects them and the parents turn a blind eye or encourage it on grounds of mysticisim…

It baffles me that it is not outright illegal to practice faith as an organisation.

They get tax breaks to abuse people, provide false hope and ruin families by driving them apart, oh oh oh but compassion and understanding…

There is scarcely a week that goes by wothout news of enquireries going back of years to this very day of mothers having their babies taken only to be sold into orphaniages in america or just thrown in a pit to die (yes that real we have many with hundreds of infant bodies in them)

I do not want to ever see these scum bags preaching good things while this continues.

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Oh, and further to it just being Odd to offend their products, they must do the same elsewhere;
Ireland has sensitivities within one religion with differing factions, but other religions have incompatible sub-sects and they probably do the same over there?Like Iraq with Sunni and Shiite, or Israel/Jerusalem with all their varied religions.

If it is by location.

Just seems bad business to me.

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You know back in the days we had a guy who liked to set churches on fire in Norway. Might be something to consider for you :wink:

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