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YouTube's new Terms of Service says if you are not a successful business, your account can easily be deleted

If you monetize your channel and you don’t get enough revenue, THEY can deem you a commercial failure and terminate your account.

But the term is also undefined to anything specific, so can be broadly applied should they choose to use it for censorship. (The article states stuff on white supremacists)

As with the Emote spam situation, this means YOUR ENTIRE GOOGLE ACCOUNT is permabanned from Google services.

Floatplane, save us.


They’ve had that line in for a while.


It didn’t get attention until the Markiplier Livestream fiasco revealed that a ban on YouTube is a ban across ALL GOOGLE SERVICES.

This is the problem right here. People aren’t careful because YouTube comments haven’t changed at all and is the tier just before 4chan in terms of requiring eye bleach. It wasn’t until a huge ban wave came that revealed the nature of bans on YouTube being tied to everything else.


Have zero issue with this

Lol float plane is invite and vetted they just do it on the front end


Yeah, the generation that didn’t embrace Gmail would be better off knowing their throwaway Gmail account is at risk…

But holy crap, I haven’t seen any people born in the early 2000s NOT use Gmail.

The reason they’re freaking out is “It’s my Google Drive! It’s my Gmail! It’s my Android 2FA!” and they lose ALL of that because of one thing on YouTube.


I use Gmail and YouTube and I have zero fear I will ever be banned I’m not a fucking 10year old spamming in chat and don’t upload videos. YT isn’t gonna ban people all crazy like just letting people know in the tos they reserve the right to refuse service

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The censorship element is the one you should fear though, cause it stopped being a free and open platform a long time ago, hence why there was a shooting at YouTube HQ.

Government wants something censored? It will comply even though the parent company has philosophies otherwise.


born '95 but yeah ive only used google because i was a pleb who followed what others had because ‘they seem to enjoy it’, honestly wanting to use my Vivaldi mail as my main now; or try out protonmail

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As far as the US goes, for the moment the government is at the back of the line for attracting direct censorship effort from unless you are a high profile target. On the other hand, business interests and high functioning psychopathic individuals have developed entire ecosystems for destroying wrongthink.

Disagree with me politically? Looks like you posted a spicy meme back in 2005 on youtube or myspace or whatever and now me and my literally professional trolls are going to harass every platform you are on until you’re banned from all of them.

The possibility of getting people banned from their gmail is REALLY attractive if you’re spending the effort to hurt someone.

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This is what you should be afraid of. Lobbyists no longer use television and print ads for smear campaigns, they do it through “new media”, hence why Twitter decided to just outright not allow it on their platform, because the spread of misinformation is too fast in today’s day and age.

Also, another reason people are freaking out is they sent the ToS update email to EVERYBODY with a Google Account, so they inferred the broad language applies to all accounts, and it was particularly bad timing because of the whole Markiplier incident.

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Lets just go back to the days of paid email services, I currently use Zoho, bloody expensive, but I like it so far.

The sooner youtube dies as a platform the better.

i have a gmail account from back when they were invite only (mid-2004 ish - i use it for shit i dont care about). but still. fuck google.

lol. yeah, mid-late 2004 ish :smiley:

Isn’t Zoho email free?

Who said it had to be open?

It’s called the Eric Ciamarella clause :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Great! Perfectly! Christmas presents this year are earlier …

My dream that people would use the separation of services and suppliers may eventually come true.

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I’m going to wait to see what happens before getting uppity about it.

A lot of ToS stuff on the internet has clauses about cancelling/closing accounts, but I’ve seldom seen it happen without reason.

I expect this to be a nothingburger in the long run.

Oh shit, I just checked the updated pricing, $12USD/yr for an email to use with your own domain is pretty good.

I dont pay anything for my email with them through my domain.

Ahh, I didn’t see the “Free Forever” plan when you scroll down: