Youtuber robbed of his own channel

Everyone needs to unsub motherboardsorg on youtube. Even if you don't care about Elric the content will get really crappy.

agreed and intel/amd/who ever else will only work with elric and that means he is still good for content on his new channel so every one unsub from his old one and sub to the new one which i posted 

I was about to make a post about this but I guess you already beat me to it. It's nice to see other people on here are supporting him and just shows just how large of a community Channel Pro is going to lose by robbing him of his website. It's sorta funny to sit at their YouTube page and see the sub count go down.xD

i was fast on my feet i had to wait for the video to know it's true but spread the message to everyone i sent this to linus and soon paul of newegg you could send it to tinytomlogan if you want 

scratch that tom already knows