Youtube videos stuttering

Hi guys, I need some help with this. I've had my new gaming rig for about a week now and its pretty high end (check the specs on my profile) and im using google chrome as my web browser. When I play youtube videos the parts of the video that are supposed to be smooth and look good are very subtly stuttering, almost like micro stutterinf its really annoying. Can somebody please help me?

Try it with another browser for comparison, like Chrome if that's not what you're already using.

I am using chrome and I really do like it besides the video playback on youtube

did you even read the OP? he said he is using chrome.

and to the OP, try IE and Firefox and see if the problem persists (yes I said try IE get over it). Also check to see if you are getting high CPU usage while trying to watch videos.

I have heard that there are issues with HTML5 implementation with youtube causing stuttering like this, so I would also look into that as well.

Ok and yeah, my CPU is really running hard during these videos.

ok, if you have high cpu usage, youtube videos are going to stutter, so you need to find out what is hogging your CPU time and cut it off, then the videos should smooth out.

It might be Smite, however i found another solution. I went to the chrome plugins and disabled the pepperflash and used the system flash that chrome was also using and it worked!

Do you think that now since I disabled the pepperflash I'm going to need to manually update the flash player now? And also do you think the high CPU usage could be from the infamous windows 8.1 backup program?

Whatever works is good, though it isn't usually involving the regular flash software. ;-) Anyhow I've been using HTML5 mode with Chrome just recently and it's been doing fine. I haven't found HTML5 to be working well enough in past trials, but now that 60 FPS videos are coming I thought I'd give it another chance. Only with 60 FPS Youtube videos have I had any problems that could possibly be related to Chrome's built in flash player, recently anyway. Might be worth checking so that yours is updating itself as it should, just in case.

Todays Adobe Flash Player updates itself by default, and it's best to have it so because of the security holes that always seem to pop up within it. Don't know if I'm making a mistake there, but I somewhat trust Google to patch "their" flash player code faster when it needs to be. They certainly /can/ act faster when they need to.

Not sure, but so far it's been working great when I disabled the pepperflash, hopefully it'll continue to be that way.

Unfortunately, it hasn't helped for long. I set everything back to default chrome and the videos are still jittery. It's really annoying. I was trying different playbacks and all of them jitter. Does anyone else have any help?

I would try reinstalling the graphics driver. Or at least make sure no unusual settings are forced on globally, like some special antialiasing mode or such that could also affect video. Even if Chrome does not fully accelerate flash video by default, such settings could have some effect.

There's also a 64bit version of Chrome in case you would feel like trying that. It's been fine here anyhow.

Alright it doesn't seem to be an issue with the graphics drivers, but I'll try to download the 64 bit version