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YouTube Triggering Me

is that why I can’t find that one vocaloid video with the paper dolls on the paper stage anymore, even though there were dozens of copies of it and it couldn’t be escaped a decade ago?

currently, unblockable youtube audio ads blasting my ears off between videos is a bit on the annoying side.

I always wondered, as an experiment, if you could just outright start a video with some offensive stuff and then YouTube wouldn’t bother to put an advertisement on the video. Basically make it so that YouTube wouldn’t want to monetize your videos for fear of backlash from brands.

Something like: “Hello you MFers, welcome to my f-ing channel. Today we’re going to talk about Coronavirus and Tiananmen Square”


Or, even better, have some sub-audio inserted to trigger via the captioning, without bothering the actual audience?


Is that actually possible?


IIRC Amazon has a patent on triggering speech recognition without telling the user.

Yes it is.

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I was joking, but would not be surprised if there are ways

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I’m gonna jump in and ask: does anyone get ads in between videos that are videos too and last 20+ minutes? It started happening to me a while ago, especially if I’m listening to a podcast before falling asleep.
It’s like Youtube knows I’m probably not gonna skip the ad because I’m asleep and starts playing it.
It happens on my phone, not on PC.

This triggered me pretty hard because I’m constantly seeing two ads at the beginning of a video and one at the end, minimum. I don’t mind those, but sneaking up on me like that it’s not acceptable.

P.S. if anyone got DNS lists to improve the stopping power of my DNS server lmk. Thanks

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I think YT sometimes shows previews of other YT channels if it’s ad algorithm can’t match a paying ad to the consumer/vid they are watching.
I once got a 1.5 hour YT video as a skip panel ad on a 30 min opinion/complaining video.

I think @PhaseLockedLoop has some mega piHole/DNS lists and ad blocking against ads on YouTube.

Perhaps on this guide

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Been eyeing that guide for a while. No lists in it thou.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Do you want my lists?

I’ll update the thread


Thanks for your continued work on those

Sure, that’d be really appreciated!

I know it was a lot of work to put it together so I didn’t know if it was “fair” to ask or not.

It was more I didn’t know people were interested in all of those

Fair warning it breaks a lot by default

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Not a patent, but I saw a defcon talk I think it was, where they used pulsed lasers to send a command to a google home. “OK google, open the garage door”

This works through windows. So you could break into someone’s house this way.

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I would never give google/apple/ anyone access to open my garage or unlock the door ect (to be fair its not hard to break windows and on the plus side you would have time stamps when they “broke” in)

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I have used uMatrix and NoScript for 5 years now. And before that, I used AdNauseam to click on all the ads and f*** with their stupid monetization system. But for some reason, AdNauseam wouldn’t block everything as well as uBlock did (even though it is a fork, it blocked side ads, but not video ads on youtube). But once I went to deny by default, I never seen an ad ever again. And for about a year, I’ve been using youtube-dl and deleting everything after I watched (I started downloading stuff, because I’ve noticed stuff getting deleted a few hours after I saw them in my sub feed, so I back everything up, watch and then delete, I only have 256 GB of storage in total).

I used the youtube program on Android on occasion and saw ads, but changed to NewPipe this summer. NewPipe doesn’t have all the features I’d want, but gets the job done.

The only domains to make Youtube work on NoScript or uMatrix are:

  • (obviously)
    and if you want images and thumbnails on the website
    and you may need to also enable
    for static content, scripting and some XHR stuff. I had all those enabled, but now I block googlevideo, because I don’t watch videos on youtube at all now.

The ads are served from, so definitely block that.

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I hate those long form ads, if you have auto play on and don’t skip adds from time to time the adds will just stack up. The skip add feature is a valuable tool for YouTube, you are sharping their algorithm. I caved in and subscribed to YouTube premium a long time ago. Life is just less stressful without those constant adds. :yawning_face:

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@Biky @Trooper_ish

Imma post it now. Its going to be the update gravity terminal output…

Infrastructure Series -- Recursive DNS and Adblocking DNS over TLS w/NGINX - #2 by PhaseLockedLoop


If i click in a 20 second video, my recommended page transforms into only 20 seconds videos for 1 month. And auto play is broken (i mean is working as intended is just trash), after 1 video it will default to the same content creator longest video doesnt matter if you watched already or not.

Before auto play was so good… i miss old auto play