Yes I think we all know this and I know for a fact that if Tek Syndicate had other options for uploading videos with similar recognition they'd ditch YouTube in a heart beat. But right now as it stands, so much is wrong.
I think many of us know that the new algorithm fucked over every animator and other small video channels making it impossible to make any review uploading at all, most of them barley break even uploading anymore. And a new trend started in 2014 and blew up in 2015 its these stupid "React Channels" who reupload the latest and most viewed videos only now with their fucked up faces in the corner so you can "Experience it with them" and "Get their initial opinion on the video". These channels upload upwards of 7 YES 7! videos A DAY! and you might think "Oh well if they edit the video and they're talking about it then whats the problem?" But that's just it, there is no editing, there is hardly any commentary maybe the occasional "WHOOOOO" or "OH SHIT".
These animals are just the beginning of trash on Youtube, I'm not even going to get into the "Prank Videos" or Click bait videos, if you want to see something really fucked up google Sam Pepper and then after reading what he did you can remind yourself that his channel is still up.
I watch a channel from time to time called "I Hate Everything (IHE)" I watch his videos because I share a lot of his opinions, but what many people fail to understand is that they are JUST OPINIONS. Its said directly in the begining of every one of his videos. Now why am I telling you this? Because his channel was taken down, and from what it looks like is that one of his opinion pieces of a low budget CGI movie offended someone from said movie, and because this happened before with a different movie Youtube decided to just give up and take down the whole channel.
Here is his video response

Now I don't really care all that much about this one guy, but this just shows the kind of attention and care youtube puts into it's user base and that really pisses me off.


I kind of skimmed the post, but from what I read, it sounds like you have more of a problem with the community than Youtube itself. In that sense: doesn't matter what platform you are on, shitty people will be there, and react channels will come.

For Youtube itself, it does have some really fucking shit stuff. Mind a shameless promotion? Of course you do, no one likes anyone stuffing their content in peoples faces, but I'm going to do it because I don't care:
A prime example of youtube's shitty Content I.D. system.
I wound up writing a very lengthy article about this too:

Youtube HAS recently taken steps to try and discourage improper DMCA content claims (these are the things that result in channel strikes, and is what a lot of Youtubers like Jim Sterling, TotalBiscuit, and IHE have experienced from angry publishers/developers/directors). As Jim reported himself, his channel is being used as an example when fighting content claims and Youtube will back certain channels with up to $1,000,000 in legal fees to fight their case on fair use.
The downside is that only specific channels get this protection.

Since you do watch IHE, I'm certain you know that Daddy Derrick didn't JUST strike IHE, but also other small time Youtubers as well with a much smaller sub-base. The shit is that, like my own channel, or those channels, they are so small, this kind of controversy will get buried and downed out from all the Vevo and BuzzFeed videos.

That said, there IS SHIT with Youtube, and it's far from perfect, and it could be better if Youtube actually had a competitor, but, honestly, it's not 100% awful.
First of all, I know it's easy to see the community as complete fucking shit, and sometimes it's really easy to feel that way, but then you see how much traction and support channels get when shit happens to them; IHE got support from YourMovieSucks, Jim Sterling got support from TotalBiscuit, just to name a couple big names, but even still, you would see numerous other channels support these channels as well.
The community is good about calling out shit, and I've been watching sub-counts on channels lately, and I've noticed a lot of channels have been growing quite rapidly too.

Even with my very tiny handful of subs, I've seen some great support from them.

Granted, the same argument I made at the very start of this paragraph could be used to argue these points about the positives of Youtube. Like I said, yeah: Youtube is far from perfect, there are a lot of changes I would like to see, but for a company that has a monopoly on this kind of content-hosting, it could be way-way-way worse.

my grammar is all over the place. It's late and I'm sleepy. I would correct my poor grammar, but considering how tired I am, I am afraid I'll just make it worse, so, consider this edit as an apology for my fingers farting all over the keyboard and spewing out...hmmm...that, whatever that is.


Absolutely, also I'm talking about both YouTube and its community. Youtube has a lot of cleaning up to do for having such a big following, I'm not talking a perfect system, because there is no such thing, but they can at least take better care of what gets tossed around, both with the videos as well as with how those videos are accounted for.

I've only more recently started following IHE, but I am well aware of the Daddy Derrick situation (and can I just say, I know hes a children's entertainer, but the dude seems like is a borderline pedophile) With the fair use video he put out looked to me like he talked to someone with the law to twist everything about fair use to lean in his favor.

And don't worry about your grammar lol, as long as you can get your point across, it's late for me too and I'm sure I'll find something wrong with my stuff later.

There was a point I was trying to make in that finger-fart of a mess I posted above about how much the community has grown, and I think Youtube has tried it's best to try and make everyone discoverable on it's platform (granted, that's A LOT of people, so it's far from perfect).
Between the members just giving shout-outs to other channels or backing other channels when they are dealing with stupid shit, and Youtube's own "Recommended" section, I've discovered a lot of great channels ranging from a sub-base of 500 to 500k and up.

On another positive note about Youtube:
While they do have the fucking horrible CID system....that I absolutely hate having to fight (you only need to watch the first 0:45 of that video I posted to understand why) the bright side is that in recent years they have....kiiiiiiiiiiind of made it better for the content creator...?(with a question mark)
They have since added a "dispute content claim" option to CID matches - actually that's been there. But they added an option to claim your video as "fair use" when countering.
When countering CID matches, Youtube has now made it so that during the 30 day period of waiting for the claimant to respond, all restrictions are lifted (other than monetizing the video).

I can go into a whole shit storm why this sucks, but, I'm gonna keep it positive for now, and when I wake up tomorrow I can tell you why this fucking sucks. But, the short of the positives is that I don't really care if I can't monetize my videos. I barely make $0.03 off of my videos in ad revenue, but I hate how it blocks the videos in other countries because a good portion of my audience lives all across the globe. The bright side about countering these restrictions means I don't have to make them wait 30 days before seeing the content, once I file a counter to the claim, the restriction is removed.

Next time on pointless rambles about Youtube:
Why the Content ID system still sucks, even though Youtube has tried to make it better for the content creator.

@MrFlyte hello hello, glad to hear you are learning to deal with YouTube's copyright policies and constant claims on your uploads... TBH I couldnt give a shit about anime... Generationaly speaking I barely missed the cut off by only a year or so... (Although I can appreciate most of Pokemon season 1 & 2)

Anyways a few months ago I saw your shameless self promotion post on the forums and checked out your channel... I honestly enjoyed a lot of your content cause even though I couldnt relate to it personally... You were overwhelmingly passionate about it, and that for me is 90% of what makes a great video/channel.

Honestly I unsubscribed after a few months, which is pretty typical of me for channels that upload 3+ videos in a row that I dont feel compelled to watch. But Im happy to hear your still at large and hope you find yourself a comfortable level of success on YouTube! :)

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Ah, hey, man,that's super cool to hear :D
Also, no worries on unsubbing - I don't want to force you to stick around if it doesn't even interest you. I have a guy who is kind of like you who subbed, he doesn't like anime, and I have to ask him why he sticks around, but, hey, man, whatever works.

Yeah, I'm still going strong. I've talked with a few other larger channels to about growing my own. Because of a few things they recommended I haven't been marketing myself too hard (haven't been messing with that all-important "SEO") simply because I want to get to a point where I have more videos. Probably in a couple weeks down the line I'll do one more shameless plug post here, and then after that I'll leave the Tek Syndicate community alone with my content, heh heh (because, no one likes shameless self promotion like that...not even me)

Dealing with CID has been a nightmare, but, yeah, I'm slowly learning. If you didn't gather from the video I posted, I just took their shitty CID matching system and made it part of my material for the video, and hey, I think people liked it and thought it was funny, so I made their shitty CID system work in my favor.

Awesome, I'm glad to hear that your well on your way in terms of growing your channel and hope you remain successful in your own eyes, as well as your fans! Also If you ever feel the need to get an honest answer or second opinion, than just msg me on the forums or on YouTube anytime...

Youtube, like all of the Internet, is full of shit - but there is some good content (eg Tek Syndicate) which one can follow.

Instead the problem lies in Youtube's power (and sometimes buggy algorithms) to take down videos. Where you as a content creator can easily get fucked. And of course Youtube is owned by Google.
I would love another alternative where I can as easily download videos, and find OK content.
Hell even a ftp would suffice. But youtube is free, unlike your ftp server, and how would another service get competitive when everyone uses adblock.

Yeah but what else is there. Youtube came and paid people for their videos before anyone else did. (not saying once they let everyone do that it didn't go to shit but...)

we basically have to dealwithit.jpg

Isn't that your profile pic? lol


Okay, as promised, let me talk about the shit side of Youtube's CID system.
Really have I have to say is mostly entirely covered in that long-ass article I wrote, which I posted a link above, so I'll try to make this a little shorter (at least shorter than the 7000 words in that article)

the CID system has always favored the original Right's Holder over the youtube Content Creator. On paper: sounds great! That means musicians, and movie directors alike can rest easy knowing some nitwit isn't placing their video on Youtube in it's entirety and then monetizing it....
The problem is that most of the time the Right's Holders aren't your Joe-Blow down the street doing his hip indie film, the Right's Holders are the big corporations, and it's the big corporations that get to set the restrictions applied to videos featuring "their content" - even if that content was used freely in a transformative manner.

Here's a fun example I like to use a lot:

Why not just counter these obviously false claims? I mean, I mentioned in my "positive" post that it lifts all restrictions right?
The problem is that countering a claim can risk your channel. IF, god-forbid, IF the claimant decides to dispute your counter claim, your channel gets a strike against it.
These claims go through some PR department or something somewhere. If they don't already have an automated system to just reject these claims they just have some underpaid intern who could care less as he pays no attention to what the actually content is that is being countered, and instead just counters the claim because he's the representative of the Right's Holder, which means his voice is more powerful than mine.

Let's not forget that, for channels larger than me, a video not able to earn it's ad revenue can be very damaging. Even in the best case scenario a Right's Holder will do nothing during the counter claim, just letting the counter claim run down the 30-day clock. Bright side: the claim will be lifted after those 30 days, but you know what? You don't earn the money you would have during those 30 days you could have been running ads.
The first week a video launches on Youtube is it's most important, and if it's stuck in a monetization limbo as you wait for your counter-claim to move, that first week is ticking by, and by the end of the 30 days, that week is nothing but a distant memory in a viewers subscription box.

Buzzfeed and SJW are a cancer to youtube. The fact something dumb like Lesbians touch a penis for the first time has 26 million views shows how youtube has become clickbait central.

Also the fact that video search algorithms give videos shared outside of the youtube more views and promoted to the top is fucked. That instantly favors the dumber demographic which will share a video to get their shit site noticed, Share it on social media then get shared by their stupid friends etc.

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If you wanted more views, you should have called this thread 'Man Tries Reviewing YouTube Naked For The First Time'

In all seriousness though, YouTube is pretty awesome. Sure, most of it is crap, and the most popular stuff caters to the lowest common denominator, but the same can be said for every medium. It's not difficult to find great content on YouTube. Once you know how to filer out the crap, YouTube becomes this incredible bottomless pit of knowledge and entertainment.

I don't care for reaction videos, same reason that i don't care to watch people play games on twitch (aside from live Fighting Game Tournaments). However....... I really enjoy watching the reaction videos to the new Star Wars trailers.... i don't know why XD.

YouTube~ There's something for everyone.
(Which means just about the rest of it isn't for you)

I love YouTube.

Tek Syndicate, Security Now, Defcon videos, luimarco, Essop Merrick, Photonicinduction, EEVBlog, mikeselectricstuff, bigclivedotcom, the list of great channels goes on and on and on. Not to mention almost every genre of music is covered.

Why bother watching the crap videos?

He's back, and he has a message.

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I don't personally feel YouTube sucks, but the way they handle claims leaves a lot to be desired.

I've never used copyrighted music on my channels, but I have made music with publicly available samples. My first videos were only my music made with these samples... The problem is others have made music with those same samples, and they claim copyright over it. I struggled with several videos before I finally gave up using my own work. I won every dispute, but it doesn't help a channel grow if EVERY video is in dispute for a month. The samples all belong to Sony and are licensed for free use as long as you don't sell the samples themselves. The unfortunate part is I can't say, this music doesn't belong to this artist either. I can't say they are using licensed samples, as far as YouTube is concerned, they own it outright... And even if you use the same exact instrumental on each video, each one must be disputed individually... Even if you win them all.

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1 holy shit youtube sucks.

2 That is why I make old videos private after a certain amount of time.

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