Youtube Replacement Apps?

I have a problem with using the youtube website. It doesn’t show me the dates anymore, it only shows the views. No likes to dislikes, only if you hit the button. Its pissing me off.

I don’t want to use minitube because it only works 1/90 times I try to make it work in an hour. Any replacements?

Clear cache?

I don’t have this problem.

I’ve been cutting down on YouTube consumption. They are over the apex and about to accelerate down hill. They are more about deplatforming now opposed to demonetization.

Find a replacement for YouTube altogether. Maybe pornhub will branch and make a sfw streaming service.

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I use a combination of a sandboxed browser dedicated to youtube, logged into my account, and Newpipe.
Newpipe has come far in the last year or so. It’s available on FDroid. /shameless plug

YouTube just needs competition, maybe that’s the main issue here?

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Youtube Plus is pretty decent, might help some (probably not all) of these gripes. I’ve never heard of any youtube clients besides the website, but I guess that’s not helpful.

What OS? Android?

On any desktop OS, I’d suggest mpv with youtube-dl

This is for a desktop.

Totem has YT integration

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