Youtube Originals

This post is tangentially related to youtube’s originals, but I don’t have a better title for it.

I’m curious if anyone out there has been watching these and if they’re any good?

It seems to me that Youtube is is (and has been) trying to move into Netflix’ market for a bit now. I’m curious about their next moves over the next year or so.

If these shows were behind a paywall, do you think you’d pay for them?

Bonus question, how many streaming services are you currently paying for? I feel lately that there’s so much segmentation in the market regarding streaming services that we wind up paying a cable subscription’s worth in streaming services, who’s entire point was to provide the same functionality at a dramatically reduced price.

So, either I don’t pay attention or Google has done an exceedingly bad job of telling people. As far as i was aware, YouTube originals were on YouTube Red, and YouTube Red was US only, so I never bothered to give it any of my time. I’ve got Netflix already.

Was I wrong? I seems like there’s some things there… But I cant tell if its all of it, part of it, or… I guess I’ve no idea what YouTube Originals is or how to find out without googleing it, even though you linked to the channel.


I was vaguely aware of this as part of YouTube Red but they were made by creators I don’t follow.

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I was under that impression as well, but I’m able to play full (47 minutes) episodes of Impulse from their channel, without a youtube red account. Just thought it was an interesting move. Might be a bait and switch tactic though, release the first season for free to lure people in, then subsequent seasons are behind a paywall.

That sort of method seems acceptable to me since I’m more likely to pay for something if I know it’s good.

No one has never accused Google of transparency or good advertising. I do hope they get their shit together and clear this up. I’m not sure this is a successful model, unless they’re relying on ad revenue or doing the aforementioned bait and switch.

I thought YouTube Red was the paywall that originals originally came out behind?
Will be checking to see if “Impulse” is even visible to me here in the UK :slight_smile:
And a try befor you buy doesn’t really sound like a google method, but would be pleased to be corrected.
I’m sure these “Origionals” were supposed to be a selling point of YT:R, which was supposed to be rolling out elsewhere…

Yeah, I don’t know why they’re available. It’s odd… Maybe nobody was buying the subscription, so they just decided to try to make some money back by running ads?

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From the few things I’ve seen it’s been complete trash.

I wanted YouTube red for the longest time so I could get rid of the ads, but they didn’t offer it in Europe.
Now that it’s going to be availble with YouTube music for $12.99/month it’s out of the question.
Got my fam. signed up to Spotify family for €16/month and I ain’t paying 13 dollars just to watch YouTube without ads.

The only other subscription I have is Netflix.


A couple episodes are free, the rest require YT Red/Premium or YTTV.

Mind Field wasn’t bad, I watched all of those. Cobra Kai was awesome. Everything else is hot rancid steaming garbage.

Glad to hear youtube’s curated content matches that of their customer-submitted content. :stuck_out_tongue:

As someone mentioned in the Lounge, Premium just became available (to me) in the UK.

Looking at the Originals… maybe MindField and maybe one other show might be interesting?

Doesn’t look like much worthwhile on there.

I guess Netflix presents a much better use of ones hard earned doll-hairs, depending on whether one wants to block or live with ads

The annoying part is that they won’t sell YouTube Premium on its own. I don’t want YouTube Music, I use Spotify. I’d pay $5/month for YouTube Premium alone.


I’m in the exact same boat.

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Maybe they’ll change their mind when they see a market for it.

I sure hope so, been wanting it ever since red launched.