Youtube on Android Browser - Change Resolution

Is it possible to change the resolution of Youtube's video player (or at least check which resoltuion it is running at)?
To be more specific, on my Kindle Fire HDX I can't seem to get Youtube videos to work proberly. The resolution seems stuck at 360p or 480p - I don't know, since I cant check, but definitely not 720p or 1080p. I've tried using Google's Youtube player but it doesn't allow to change the resolution either. Previously I used a 3rd party player, but it doesn't work porperly anymore :frowning: (If I tap on "open link with app" it just opens the App; when I search for a channel the channels content seems to be mixed or out of date).
I'm hoping your some kind of about:settings fix for this, but I'd appreciate any kind of help.

Time to Root/ROM that tablet

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Actually a good idea, unfortunately the specific version of my kindle is rather root/rom resistent. :frowning:

so in the android youtube app you tap the video once while its playing full screen and you should see the 3 dots in the upper right corner that is the options menu and it should be there in android i do not know about Kindles specifically.

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The problem with Youtube's app for Kindle, is that is not the same one as on Android, but a different one. The control settings in the Kindle app are the same one as in the browser, which means non-existent :frowning:
But thanks for your answer :wink: