Youtube not allowing background play when connected to VPN

I dont know if this is the best topic thread for this. But has anybody else had their youtube premium subscription start blocking background play when using a vpn? I woke up this morning and locked my phone with a video playing and it stopped. I was confused and restarted the app and it said “some pemium features may not be available in your location”. I have always used a VPN with youtube and never had issues (it has actuslly given me more consistent viewing from my phones internet, it lags hard and loads often when not using a vpn) i also am connected to the same city i live in so as far as youtube is concerned im in the same place as i always am. Just was super annoying and was wondering if anyone else has had this happen? I officially disabled the youtube app and am using youtube vanced for now logged into my youtube. Just bought a pixel 6 to put graphene os on. Im so tired of all the crap these mega companies do and i cant wait to have graphene os as my daily phone.


Haven’t used yt in years, but maybe migrate to newpipe once you install graphene, you can install it from fdroid (the ones on play store/aurora are fake and malware) and l think you can import your subscriptions and then delete your google accounts completely. :stuck_out_tongue:
Community over corpo, always :metal:

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Awesome thanks for the suggestion! I just got my pixel 6 but it was unfortunately the verizon version so i couldnt unlock bootloader. Have the correct model on the way and will be fully switched to graphene os as my daily phone by the end of the week. Newpipe will be one of the first things i checkout! Cheers to the community! :wink:

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I don’t know but In my opinion if you use NordVPN which is a good option for unblocking streaming services and live sporting events. You can unblock YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many other channels with the aid of a VPN. For paid services like CBS All Access, you still need a membership, but NordVPN will assist you in bypassing geo-restrictions. One of the few VPNs that still allows access to Netflix US from countries other than the United States is this one. Because of this, NordVPN is a fantastic option for anyone who want to stream media from various parts of the world. It works for me perfectly.

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I personally use expressvpn. I like then for there mostly proven no log policy and the fact it works well for the reasons you stated you use nordvpn for. I dont use the vpn for unlocking georestrictions its mostly to keep my internet traffic a bit more private from ISP’S. I am now fully on grapheneos as my daily phone and have no issues. I messed around with newpipe and have youtube vanced now so ill never have an issue again unless newpipe stops being actively maintained. But thanks for the input ill keep nordvpn in mind if i ever need to switch.