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Youtube mobile app 'forgetting' liked videos?


Hey all,

Strange thing that’s happened for some time on my phone, when I ‘thumb up’ a video in portrait, switch to landscape, then back again to portrait, it’s lost the ‘thumb’ status?

Screenshots in crono order:



Just an additional:

Youtube app up-to-date
Phone up-to-date
wifi signal: 100%



yes it’s been happening too me too on certain videos and content creators for the last month or so

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Not sure, but I have a theory as this also happens to me on every iOS and android device.

Anecdotal evidence only, but I’d like to receive feedback from others. I believe it is a ‘feature’ to combat people liking videos without watching them (thus avoid videos getting mass liked before the content has been capable of being viewed). If I like the video before 50% has been watched its common for the like to fall off. If I do it after the 50% mark, so far, the likes have stayed. I noticed in the screenshots you were also before this ‘magic’ point.

Let me know if it works for you as I’d like to get to the bottom of this one way or the other.

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Thanks for that, glad it’s not just me.

That’s interesting, thanks for commenting. I watched a video again today and I thumbed up then scrolled down to comments. When I scrolled back up, it had un thumb up’d itself. I can see their reasoning behind it, but I generally thumb up videos from regular creators because I like there stuff. More importantly though…I tend to forget to thumb up at the end!

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Wouldn’t one be able to just scroll the video to the 51% mark and then click on the like button?



Oh, they’re probably far cleverer than that…even YouTube

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Ayyy. You say that. But on mobile safari (haven’t tried another browser) I can slide the ad slider all the way to the end with out watching the ad.


But you’re right. I would imagine they would have some sort of code going on and seeing if you actually watched the video. I know that when I had a YouTube account and uploaded videos, I was able to see per minute how many people viewed a video. And see where they stopped watching.



Wow, Mobile dev at it’s best :laughing:

I knew that would be a thing, I’d like to tinker with video making at some point, but so far I’ve made no effort.

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