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Youtube is dealing with conspiracy theories - by showing Britanica/Wiki information panel



Surprisingly, the panel doesn’t shows up when you try to bring it up :rocket::flying_saucer::film_projector:


I think it’s an interesting attempt, but I’m not sure what it’s actually going to accomplish.


It has already spawned more conspiracy theories. ._.


That’s what I’m getting at. Youtube should just stop trying to fix things and get out of the internet’s way. It’ll be better for them in the long run.


Especially considering that line of thinking has been around since before the Internet lol.

Source: My grandfather

Way, way off topic (and borderline inappropriate, even for this brood) but maybe if I get sauced enough one day I can share some stories in The Lounge :grin:


Youtube is getting more authoritarian lately. To put these little blurbs at the bottom of videos or on top of a search, it’s really Ministry of Truth like. I don’t really care either way but they’re not winning any favor.

I’ll have to hold you to it.


I have not used YouTube in the way it’s intended. All last year I watched a few Level1Techs videos? Only recently have I started creating content and uploading it. Still, I go to the site as an afterthought, often enough that I don’t notice these things.

Their recommendations are pretty, pretty bad. For that, I tend to ignore everything and just search for what I’m looking for, I.E. “Wendell battlestation” :wink:

However, I have seen a slew of articles and discussion lately about their overstepping what would be considered bounds with respect to user space and Terms and Conditions. If anything, it’s been more of a turn off to the platform. I use it in a very limited capacity as it is, and I don’t see myself growing in that regard.

Tl;Dr of the incessant ramblings: I don’t notice, but I believe you.


Yeah, youtube is really the last “social” platform I use, assuming you don’t count this forum.

I spend a lot of time watching technical content (ippsec and defcon talks are my most watched channels, probably) and commenting on conspiracy theory videos. (it’s funny to set off one conspiracy group against another and watch the ensuing chaos)


So sick of youtube suggestions and homepage that i use this ERROR page for searching:


Automation isn’t, and won’t be, a substitute for professional human editing. It can help, but the only way to ensure your publication does not publish rubbish is to create and enforce editorial standards with people.

Of course, you need to pay people, which is the last thing the Googles and Facebooks of the world want to do.

(And editing is not censorship. It’s your publication, you have a responsibility to control what you publish. Those decisions don’t stifle the speech of anyone else and they stop anyone else from publishing their content on their own.)



They need to do something to address clickbait. Cause the most desperate clickbait still involve a low IQ person having zero context, and just watching something that should have been on Liveleak, but then the user posting it is monetizing off of all those clicks.

That should have been what demonetization targeted, the people trying to make a quick buck reposting shock videos or compiling them with monetization enabled. Instead demonetization targeted people with risque topics and sided with the advertisers, not you.


YouTube became authoritarian when Content ID was introduced in 2008, when corporations had full control over what could be done, and over time, instead of giving smarter control to the user for appeals, they gave MORE control to the corporations. Demonetizations is another corporate interest based control scheme.

As the Deep Learning AI now deals with Content ID, nothing is safe on YouTube, Fair Use is dead. You know they’re favoring corporate interests with deep learned signature matches and soon it will suggest to dumb lawyers the best course of action, based on what other corporate lawyers do.

YouTube might be spitting out PR that they want Copyright Reform, but in reality, their pockets are filled by corporate interests. They don’t want the reform. They’d rather have the deep learning AI serve them, and counter threats to the advertisers and IP rights.


If you want to get views on youtube just do a “react to” video.

If youtube is worried about moon landings conspiracies all they need to do is put this video as top result:


Maybe they should build a cultomer support team instead of this shit.