YouTube Copyright error... They think it's one song, but it's another

YouTube seems to have screwed me over.

They claimed a false positive on one of my recent Dubstep mixes.

In this dubstep mix, I use only legally free songs offered by the original content owners as free downloads.  But, youtube recognised the song at 35:05 to be "Caspa 'My Style' - Continuous DJ Mix", but it's really " I Remember ft. Luara Brehm (Mr FijiWiji Remix) by Deadmau5 and Kaskade."  Youtube is claiming a copyright file against me for that, and they don't give me a dispute option to claim a false positive.

I do have the option to claim that I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material, but they'd be looking for the song they claim to be in there and not the real song, so that wouldn't work.

 How can I fix this error?  

Thanks in advance.


They can't do that in first place, the song is clearly the one you mentioned, show them the lyrics and ask them to compare it, if they say it is not the same song, contact a lawyer and take them to court, any lawyer would accept this, because clearly youtube it being stupid and it would be a won case already.

I wasnt able to find this Caspa 'My Style' - Continuous DJ Mix tho, if this caspa guy remixed I Remember ft. Luara Brehm (Mr FijiWiji Remix) by Deadmau5 and Kaskade it is another thing. and also if the remixed song sounds very close to the original one, even it is a remix from a remix they can't do that either because it would be a derivated work and as you mentioned the original one is free to share and if it sounds like the original work it would be a derivated work.

The thing is:

I am assuming now that if they sound similar and the caspa guy is using the song that is free to download and share, they wouldnt be able to that either!

 Don't worry mate nothing will happen.


haha, I had youtube flag a silent video once. my fraps wasn't set, so it didn't record sound. YT flagged it for copyright, and I countered with "I own all the rights" dispute.

So, I'm fourteen years old.  I don't have a lawyer, nor can I afford one.  Should I just hit the "I acknowledge" and move along?  Or could I email youtube service or better yet call them to settle this out?  I'd like to keep this away from court, and even if going to court would get me some cash in the process, I'd like to stay away from that sort of business.  Thanks for the info though, this really did help.  :-)  Glad there's no real infringement on my part here.

I am a law graduate, but not a lawyer and I have a bit knowledge about US law which for sure apply to you.
 You are 14 years old, they wouldn't and can't send you to jail or sue you for copyrighting issues, they would look silly in the court if they did.
Also you are not making any profit of these songs without permission.
If I was you I would delete the video, just to avoid any kind of headache.


Okay, thanks for the advice.  I appreciate the help!  :-)