Youtube charging to Watch OH Dear


Youtube is charging a subsciption service and throughing it open to popular Youtubers

But Raywillion Johnson of =3 has said he will loose users

he is not the only one

i hope you Guys don't go down this route

i look forward to your vids and also post links to them on ower clan site comunity on harware reviews

Keep up the good work but Avoid the subscription platform please 

i wouldnt worry.

I had this explained and the uploader agrees to charge, you have the option to keep your content free. I think a lot of the good channels will remain free because the backlash they'll get. I know Linus is saying his channel will be free.

Yeah, no one worth watching is going to buy into this BS, the only thing we have to worry about is youtube requiring you to pay them for all content, or making subscriptions mandatory for channels with high traffic, which seems fairly unlikely.

I wouldn't worry (or go paranoid about it) too. This is just like pay-per-view but Google is pretty much competing against cable TV providers.

Besides, who cares what Ray William Johnson says? Ever?