YouTube 1080p60HD

The new YouTube settings are nice... we needed a great upgrade.

Does 720p/1080p at 60 FPS take more bandwidth than 720p/1080p (respectively) at 30 FPS?

I can see it making sense for video games and sports, but for most other video i'd rather have the bitrate dedicated to a higher resolution image than a frame-rate over 30 FPS. After i hit my data cap my connection gets throttled so i watch youtube at 720p. I think if I only have the 60 FPS option it would saturate my connection. Sigh...

Think about this, before you post, please.

There are 30 720p frames/s being transferred to your computer, and when you bump it up to 60FPS, you double that amount. 60FPS 720P is using approximately the same amount of bandwidth as 30FPS 1080P, so it's really just a matter of if you prefer awesome slow-mo, and making use of your display's refresh rate, or if you'd rather a more detailed image at the cost of some smooth footage.

I'd personally stick the 1080P 30FPS over 720P 60FPS, because either will saturate your connection bro.

I like it. looks like the games I play now rather than some early pre-release alpha footage feeling of the videos before. Always felt weird watching games on YouTube, feels more natural now. 

I actually dont worry about bandwidth. I am the biggest bandwidth hog. Which, now that i think about it. Is sad :(  Man, i cant tell you how much i wanna get off 1080p. 

I cant wait for someone to upload a 10hour long 1080p 60 video just so I can have it streaming all day and night just so I can piss off comcast. I already use over 300GB a month I really want to push that even more.

 I use to do that to charter, with veetle. Lots of entire seasons just let it run for days.  They did start throttling me. But, the fiber god decended upon the land. I jumped ship as fast as i could. :)

i think you're underestimating just how slow my connection is once throttled (2mbps max). I can't stream at 720p 60fps without the video stopping every few minutes to buffer, especially if i try to read internet articles on my other screen. I just don't like the idea of losing the option of 720p at 30FPS and have to downgrade to 480p, which is pretty horrible.

I guess i'll have to just pay an extra $25 a month so i can raise my data cap when this becomes standard.

I just don't get how it doesn't work on Firefox. Srsly google. It can't be difficult to make a video player. Every anime streaming site and it's DMCA takedown has at least 5.

It appears I am only using about 3TB of bandwidth a month. Not enough being pissed away.

How the hell do you use that much bandwith?

Very true. And even if it was for whatever reason extremely difficult, it's freaking GOOGLE they have the time money manpower and talent to get it done. I mean they could afford to just pay a team of people where their soul purpose is making an amazing video player that works on everything.

I would sy high res streaming and alot of traffic. Porn king? lol

I live with a lot of people and there are maybe 10 or so computers using the internet at once, plus a few laptops, tablets, phones and whatnot. We are held back only by the download speeds of about 1MB/s.

No it does not, that guy didn't think before he typed..

It's more or less the same required downlaod speed from your side because they turned the bit rate down so that it matches 30 fps 1080p. Kind sucks sometimes.. It does take a LOT of CPU power to decode though!

You can't download 3TB of stuff if your speed is 1MBps.. You'd only get up to about 1.5TB before you month came.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I don't have any evidence but I would assume that YouTube turned the bitrate down a bit. I have 3Mb/s (thats bits, not bytes) download and can still watch 720p60fps just fine.

No, actually. I believe there is some fuckery going on at our ISP's end because whilst i've never seen a download speed above 1MB/s, several devices can use that speed of 1MB/s at the same time without affecting each other's download speeds. 

1080p @ 60fps gets around 20k-32,000 Kilabits per second depending if they upload it as VBR or CBR. Saturating almost my entire 30Mbps coaxial cable line. We have a family of 3 and it really forces the 3rd person to watch sub 720p. Sure my cable company has a 60Mbps option but it comes with a stupid bundle I don't want which is 2 year cable & phone service or it comes with a low priceline of 1 year of 19.99 but afterwards jumps up to 60+/month. So will YT offer something like 1080p @ 24fps option? for people who want quality but no bandwidth?