Your top 10 bands?

I really only listen to about five bands extensively...but I'll list them anyway:



Mercenary (primarily their older stuff)

Before the Dawn (no longer exists...sadly)


Heaven Shall Burn


The bands that came close to making the list were

Pink Floyd

Def Leppard

The Cult

The Darkness





Animals as Leaders



Steelers Wheel

Imagine Dragons


The Tea Party

The Armada

Jeff Martin


Oh man I have too much good music (First World problems)

+1 Crystal Castles, I always forget about them.. also its really weird how they always make it into metalhead's libraries :o

In random order:

1. Svartsot

2. Turmion Kätilöt

3. Týr

4. Finntroll

5. Aesthetic Perfection

6. Ensiferum

7. Children of Bodom

8. In This Moment

9. Satyricon

10. Nightwish

Yes and No

He has confirmed another album is underway with 11 tracks, but there is no release date as yet.  It will depend how active Maynard wants APC to be.

My favorite metal(or closely related genre) bands, in no particular order






Godspeed You! Black Emperor/Silver Mt. Zion/related projects/artists





Kong (of Manchester)

Bonus: Amon Duul II

1.) Rush

2.) Radiohead

3.) The Pixies

4.) Pink Floyd

5.) Daft Punk

6.) Nirvana

7.) Boston

8.) Muse

9.) Bob Marley

10.) UB40

I'll focus on Thrash Metal as its my favorite sub-genre:

1. Exhorder

2. Wargasm

3. Devastation

4. Testament

5. Exodus

6. Atrophy

7. Heathen

8. Pantera

9. Coroner

10. Sepultura

Top ten in ascending order:

1.) AC/DC

2.) Pink Floyd

3.) Accept

4.) W.A.S.P.

5.) Overkill

6.) Powerwolf

6.) RATM

7.) Black Sabbath

8.) Ratt

9.) Airbourne

10.) Billy Idol

In no particular order:


Pink Floyd

Explosions In The Sky


Dropkick Murphys



Fleetwood Mac

The Who


In no particular order:
  • Oasis
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • The Clash
  • Bush
  • Incubus
  • U2
  • Kasabian
  • Pearl Jam
  • The Ramones
  • Placebo
  • White Stripes

Yes, those are eleven bands...

+1. Great music.

No particular order:

  • - Metallica
  • - Sabaton
  • -Amon Amarth
  • -The Gaslight Anthem
  • - August Burns Red
  • - Flogging Molly
  • - Breaking  Benjamin
  • - NIghtwish
  • - Periphery
  • -Trivium



 Gee, being an Aussie I have my preferences lol, here they are:

ACDC.... 'Bonn Scott years'


Angels.... 'Doc Neeson was full-on'


 Dragon......Marc Hunter lead-vocals (A band originally from New Zealand)


Spy vs Spy.....Craig Bloxson on vocals; powerful Aussie three-piece band


Cold Chisel


Australian Crawl.....their early years musically (Aussie-styled surf music)


Thin Lizzy


Status Quo


Metallica.....early music

*I'm just starting to have my curiosity sated by some of the Scandinavian 'black-metal' type bands.


Death Grips




 Minor Threat


System of a down



Nine Inch Nails

 Explosions in the Sky


Godspeed you! Black Emperor


No order, love them all

  • Rammstein
  • Slipknot
  • Tyr
  • Ensiferum
  • Korpiklaani
  • SOAD
  • Serj Tankian (Solo career)
  • Godsmack
  • Kult (Polish band, ya Im a Pole)
  • Ozzy Ozbourne

Gonna focus specifically on metal here, also this isn't in any specific order it's just simply my top 10.

1. Burzum

2. Pig Destroyer

3. Cruachan

4. Xasthur

5. Silencer (only one album but fuck you, it's amazing)

6. Daylight Dies

7. Nile

8. Fleshgod Apocalypse

9. Allegaeon

10. Nightwish

  1. Nightwish 
  2. Blind Guardian 
  3. Avantasia 
  4. Elvenking 
  5. Edguy
  6. Helloween
  7. Tyr 
  8. Altair 
  9. Sonata Arctica
  10. Adrian Von Ziegler 


Hello. I'm new to this forum. Here's my list: (remember: it's really hard to make a top 10)

  • Old Man's Child
  • Slayer
  • Behemoth
  • Naglfar
  • Susperia
  • Fleshgod Apocalypse
  • Legion Of The Damned
  • Watain
  • The Kovenant (Nexus Polaris)
  • Witchery

And many others. There are a lot of bands that deserve a place up there.

Happy new year!!!!!!

1. Dream Theater (anyone?)

2. Tool

3. System Of A Down

4. Ensiferum, perfekt for Skyrim together with:

5. Amon Amarth

6. Sonata Arctica

7. Pink Floyd

8. Kansas (everything except "Carry on my wayward son" cant hear that shit anymore)

9. Symphony X

10. Led Zeppelin