Your top 10 bands?

I thought it'd be interesting to see what's in everyone's top 10 :)

For myself:

1. Scar Symmetry

2. Opeth

3. Symphony X

4. Solution .45

5. Amon Amarth

6. Omnium Gatherum

7. Soilwork

8. Insomnium

9. Mastodon

10. Devin Townsend

1. Stormlord

2. Emperor

3. Mors Principium Est

4. Amon Amarth

5. Dark Tranquillity

6. Dimmu Borgir

7. The Black Dahlia Murder

8. Behemoth

9. Abigail Williams

10. Sylosis


In no order and at this point in time:


1. Escape the Fate (pre 2010)

2. Motionless in White (pre 2014)

3. Parkway Drive

4. Drudkh

5 Darkthrone (pre 2000s)

6. Reflections

7. Volumes

8 Sleeping With Sirens (pre 2012)

9. Burzum

10 A Day to Remember

Not to put one over the other, but I really love all of these bands equally!

1. Sybreed

2. Amon Amarth

3. Soilwork

4. As I Lay Dying

5. Scar Symmetry

6. In Flames

7. Lamb of God

8. Kamelot

9. Volumes

10. Brother Von Doom


1. The Butterfly Effect

2. A Perfect Circle


4. Ashes Divide

5. Frightened Rabbit

6. In Flames

7. Nine Inch Nails

8. Katatonia

9. Opeth

10. Chevelle

  1. Dawn of Ashes
  2. Dimmu Borgir
  3. Cradle of Filth (Yes Sue Me I liked all the albums they've done)
  4. Burzum (Loved all the albums including the folk-ambient-electronic albums)
  5. Die Sektor
  6. Linkin Park (Everything Prior to "Minutes to Midnight")
  7. Marilyn Manson (Everything Prior to "Eat Me, Drink Me")
  8. Darkthrone
  9. Grendel
  10. Psyclon Nine

This is My Top 10 in terms of "How Much Memorabilia these bands have in terms of Albums and Tracks and Replay-ability" all these bands i could listen to any never get sick of. in no particular order

1. Born Of Osiris

2. Amon Amarth

3. Sabaton

4. Clawerfield

5. Mechina

6. scar symmetry

7. Tesseract

8. wintersun

9. Animals as Leaders

10. Eluveitie

This list is not ordered I listen to all of them equally and my appreciation for all of them is almost equal.


Iced Earth




Amon Amarth



Blind Guardian


(only the first 3 are in order)

1. Death

2. Judas Priest

3. Pantera

4. Necrophagist

5. Cacophony 

6. Immortal

7. Psycroptic

8. Iced Earth

9. Symphony X

10. Carcass


Perfect Circle, NIN, are great

I could only really give 5 (due to having too many to categorise) and most are not metal related but in alphabetical order, here goes:


Jim Noir

John Frusciante

Pink Floyd


I listen to about a 45 45 split of metal to psychedelic and 10 percent miscellaneous.

1. Marilyn Manson

2. My chemical romance -old stuff-

3. NIN

5. Pathfinder

6. This will destroy you

7. Wolfmother

8. Motionless in white

9. AFI -older stuff-

10. crystal castles

(None of these are in any particular order except marilyn manson, He will always be my top but other than that i listen to so many different kinds of music to pop punk, power metal, doom metal, classical, ect. -dont listen to country and most r&b-)

1. Porcupine Tree

2. Opeth

3. Pink Flloyd

4. Om

5. Sleep

6. Earth

7. Jakob

8. Sunn O)))

9. Tool

10. Isis


Although I'm not considering this any accurate order, just a list of some of my most listened to bands from the past few weeks and the mindset I've been in.

Other weeks it'll be filled mostly drone/doom/black and then to some classical and folk the next week, but that list is a general "go-to".

Did Billy do another Ashes Divide album or not? I might have to go consult The Google.

p.s nice list,

Love 2, 3 and 4.  TOOL used to be my number one but have no idea what is right now.

1. George Harrison

2. The Who

3. The Beatles

4. Pink Floyd

5. Lynyrd Skynyrd

6. Led Zeppelin

7. AC/DC

8. Klabautamann 

9. Fitz and the Tantrums

10. Rush

I'm 17, and I like all this classic rock, lol


1. Devin Townsend

2. Therion

3. Gojira

4. Opeth

5. Sybreed

6. Eluveitie

7. After Forever

8. Finntroll

9. Stam1na

10. Firewind

In order in likeliness. It's a mess of many genres, but I would pick these as one my favourites.

That there is a good list Sir.

These are not necessarily in order.

The Arusha Accord




Animals As Leaders


Protest The Hero



The Tony Danza TapDance Extravaganza