Your thoughts on Windows 8 pro

Yes, ShutUp10 does the same thing. It’s a fair amount of work to do it all by hand, and the various powershell scripts aren’t as easily configurable as ShutUp10.

Again, if you actually read what Basic and the former default Full telemetry sends to MS and have no problem with it, that’s cool.

It’s insulting when you tell other people they’re paranoid for wanting to control what the computers they own send out to the cloud, and you should stop doing that.

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I never once used the word paranoid. I said Windows 10 isn’t spyware.

I implied it was obnoxious that in EVERY Windows thread on EVERY pro Linux forum people spew this shit. EVERY Linux show constantly cries about Windows and Microsoft.

Linux enthusiasts are so insecure that they can’t stand on the merit of their own systems, it seems.

Anyway, I’ve derailed enough.

Whats the difference between 8 and 8.1? I always liked 8.1 with Classic Start more than 10.

Primarily, it adds a start button (previously you had to move your mouse to a hot corner to open the start screen) and allows you to boot directly to the desktop rather than the start screen. Bunch of other small changes that you probably won’t notice too.

Windows 8 is End of Life, out of support. Windows 8.1 is out of main stream support and will only get whatever security patches Ms deems necessary. It will be on extended until some time in 2023 though, so there’s that.

Still, why run some outdated old stuff? Software kinda needs to be kept fresh, as new bugs and security threats are uncovered every day.

Nah don’t worry, we cry enough about Android as well, even tho it’s linux XD

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i despised windows 8 and still believe windows 7 to be the one true windows.
but having to use windows 8 here lately i have been able to cope with it. minus it taking longer to detail list out a huge directory of video caps.

but i will not move to win 10 reason 1 is because of the constantly resetting of settings that come from reason number 2 forced updates and reason 3. i don not trust it at all.

use what works works well and use what you can trust if thats win 7 or win 8 great.

if thats 10 so be it just dont expect others to buy into the newer is always better mantra when in this day in age you cant trust manufactures to develop anything that works or is worthy of trust.

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Windows 8 turned me into a Linux user I hated it that much.


You can disable the Win10 forced updates and reboots using a tool called Winaero Tweaker. Between that and ShutUp10, I have Win10 basically behaving how I want.

But you do need to update eventually for security reasons, and once you do, you have to re-run both programs as MS loves to disregard their users’ clearly stated preferences and reset these settings.

There is no true way to disable features that are built into the Windows kernel the way they are. All these 3rd party software packages are doing is presenting you with the same click/slide options that are scattered all over the Win10 inteface onto 1 presentable GUI.

Well, They are guilty of collecting data that they shouldn’t have… But I digress.

There’s always a choice… You shouldn’t have to run software you don’t want to. OS level or User Level.


You should note that Microsoft is backporting some of the telemetry to 7 and 8 (link).

Windows Server 2016 seems like the best option, no telemetry or some of the other useless “features”. Colleges that are part of Microsoft Imagine can get it for free. Just found out about this, so I haven’t had the time to try it yet.

I don’t see updating for security to be too much of an issue, as long as you use it in a Qubes-style VM, which is my plan. I certainly wouldn’t rely on them to keep things secure.

Been running as my daily for the past 3 years, best windows for sure!

Good windows, appalling interface.

Incorrect. Please do some brief research before posting something like that.

There are no switches in the GUI or CLI for that matter to disable telemetry in the comprehensive way ShutUp10 does it. This involves making a number of task scheduler changes, registry changes, and group policy changes. You can do it by hand but it’s a very laborious process.

Note Win10 Enterprise and Education do have that switch, you can set telemetry to “Security” which disables it. But MS doesn’t allow you to do that on Win10 Home or Pro, which can only be set to “Basic”.

Several of the changes in Winaero to disable forced reboots after updating also require changing ownership on system files and denying all privileges to them as well as task scheduler items.

@TheSandwichMakr is correct in that the telemetry was backported to Win 7, 8, and 8.1 and pushed to all users. You can decline and blacklist those updates, however.

I administer Win10 / 2012Server/Win8.1/ Win7 boxes… You should look into what all your favorite 3rd party apps do/don’t do to the system. You will be surprised , but that is a different discussion for another thread.

To each his own my friend.

No. It isn’t my opinion, this is a factual matter. You are simply incorrect, and for some reason decided to double-down on that.

I run Win10 and wish it didnt collect my data or was at least explicit about when it was doing it. On the other hand it works flawlessly for me otherwise but im not a power user.
Really sucks to hear those features were back loaded into previous versions.
I would never download software to make core system changes to my OS, if i cant arrange 30 mins of time after updates to restore my settings then it just doesnt concern me enough.
Really looking forward to Wendell’s Linux series for noobs, i love learning new things and with that Spyglass/Spice maybe i can get the best of both worlds soon enough.

MS has vastly improved on transparency over Win10’s lifetime. They now have articles detailing the data they collect and the next version of windows (due out in March/April) will allow you to run their Diagnostic Data Viewer to see the contents and know exactly what’s going out to the mothership. It took them years, but they really are making a commitment to transparency these days.

What they aren’t doing is allowing users to turn telemetry off. There remains no way to opt-out.

Windows 8.1 on the surface sucks but that’s easily fixed. Under the hood it’s almost as efficient as 10 just lacks DX12 which isn’t that big of a deal, yet.


I wasnt aware of that thx.
Unfortunately it seems the era of true privacy is over, even if i could secure data at the OS level any kind of interaction with the internet voids that, unless i wanted to go full ANon.