Your thoughts on Windows 8 pro

I was given a Windows 8 pro product key & OS for my birthday today. What do you guys think of it?

Well the version after… So 8.1 is still my absolute favourite version of windows. With startisback of course.


Why would anyone give you a 6 year old OS? Weird birthday gift.

Anyway, if you prefer Windows 10, you can install it without a serial then legitimately activate with your Win8 key. That still works.

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inb4 the thread gets inundated with accounts of how somebody once installed W10, and it destroyed their entire life and is bad and evil and stuff.


insert snarky linux comment here


He had the discs with codes laying around… He works at our university.

W8 is by far my favorite windows. If I have to use a windows, I want 8. It got rid of the garbage search engine from XP, unified its start menu with its search for both apps AND folders/files, and cut memory usage down significantly. Plus the base install doesn’t eat your hard drive. Most of the time.

Win10 is the best windows ever made, once you remove all the telemetry and spyware with Shutup10. Kind of a “besides that how did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln” type thing.


wasnt expecting that


Its the only one that isn’t a massive pile of shit.


Windows 8, is also my favorite one. Idk why it’s a huge deal. I don’t use start and haven’t installed it via 3rd party. I use Win+S to search an application if I need it and it works just fine. Keyboard Shortcuts save lives.

so a slightly smaller pile of shit?

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I used 8 for quite a while. Just a personal thing, but I would get something like ‘Classic start’ or at least disable that stupid online search in the start menu. Otherwise, the overhead for win8 was pretty low (by comparison) and if your device supports 8.1, the optimization got much better. I’d still use it, hell, sometimes I consider using it again.


I used for years (both 8 and 8.1) and I was drowning in issues. I think that, beyond the poor UI choices, overall is a really bad OS, really unstable. I’ve had my best time with W7 Pro (who would’ve thought that?) and W10 is working okay so far for me, only minor annoiances.

Install it, activate it, upgrade to Windows 10.

I didn’t find 8 or 8.1 unstable, but the tablet/touch-focused UI simply wasn’t appropriate for keyboard+mouse use. They fixed that in Win10, and they added a bunch of other little conveniences like the much improved file transfer dialog and task manager.

Of course Win10 also added a ton of telemetry, which I despise, and noted that above. But once you remove the spyware, it’s the best iteration of Windows.

@anon79053375: There is no reason to install Win8 then upgrade. Like I said above, he can simply install Win10 without a key then activate it with his old Win8 key.


I got 2 out of 3, ain’t bad. If Windows 10 is spyware, consider me a fan of spyware. I wish malware authors would take note, because that is a master at work.


If you’re OK with the telemetry, that’s perfectly fine. Go do you. My complaint isn’t that they added a ton of telemetry to Windows, or even that it’s on by default. My complaint is MS does not allow users to opt-out.

The only way to disable the telemetry is to run a third-party program like ShutUp10, and MS disregards the user’s clear preferences and turns all that crap back on with every upgrade, so you need to keep running ShutUp10 regularly. It sucks.

Pretty sure I’ve opted out with GPEdit and Registry edits.

Anyway, you’re right, it doesn’t bother me. And I laugh when I read such blantent hyperbole like calling the most popular and effecient operating system “Spyware”.

Iron Sysadmin had a similar rant the other day. I believe it was something to the effect of “I can’t sit at a Windows box without feeling like I’m getting viruses.”

And people pay him for I.T. service? Lol pathetic.

The ends people will go to put down Microsoft. Astounding.