Your thoughts on this MS Pluton article

What are your thoughts on this article?

The dangers of Microsoft Pluton

TPM/Security/Trusted Platform/Pluton…

just buzzwords to change who is is charge of the computer.

No one actually cares about consumer security. But all corps care about telling you what they want from you.

“Yeah sorry, that new app/game requires hardware (insert DRM buzzword) on your side. You should improve your security to continue. You should always use our software for best experience and security”

It’s more about others trusting your computer more by dictating their requirements than actually useful to yourself.


yeah thats not good.
they are walling off the cpu from the user which gives them ultimate control over what is and is not allowed to be installed on your pc.

add in microsoft cert validation and you have a walled garden with a captured customer base, who you can nickel and dime for every bit of media they consume via intrusive drm and micro transactions.

for business its a forced upgrade… if you dont have the latest security and your holding the publics data. you could find your in breach of compliance of something like gdpr just because you don’t have the latest baked in security features that may or may not actually be secure. ref: nsa & rsa.

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Buzzword Bingo

Actually secure systems are so expensive and rare (= impossible to find on Ebay) and built so very different from “a box with windows”, it is not even funny.

Secure or Easy to Use, pick one or the other.