Your thoughts on the GTX 780Ti and G-Sync

Like the title says what do you guys think of Nvidia releasing the GTX 780Ti? Would you rather have seen a GTX 770Ti? The article talks about Nvidia doing a holiday bundle.

Also g-sync and opinions on it too.,24760.html

Personally, I think G-sync is a game-changer, despite how corny the name is, if the monitors could become standardized. I'm not really digging $400 monitors, but I'm very excited about the tech. As for the 780-Ti, I think it's really a niche gap filler more than anything.

there's not much gap between teh 780 and TITAN so the only thing it could fill is pricing. Which we know Nvidia is the apple of gpu pricing,.......

I get the idea behind G sync but I have an Asus 24in 144hz monitor running 120hz with lightboost and I notice none of the things G sync is meant to fix I have zero motion blur from my monitor making it look like you are getting higher fps then you are and smoother.  I also dont get any screen tearing ( I dont use v sync).  I think its kind of a gimmick.  And the Asus VG249QE that I have is only $250 because I am guessing monitors with G sync will be expensive

I beleave G-sync is going to tear amd lower end cards apart.

buy a mid range Nvidia GPU and a decent G-sync monitor and tada smooth gameplay for days.

it makes sense because of just having the gpu doing its thing and the monitor doing its thing with frame refresh rate. They both will refresh at the same time.


this is a GAME CHANGER...Mantel high fps vs G-sync smooth play


i fell sorry for amd..i am a proud owner and supporter of amd. but they got problems with this.


then again you will be spending more..which will turn plenty of folks away. but those high end enthuesist will obviously choose Nvidia for their near perfect picture quality.


ps. i just purchased a HIS 280x yesterday...i feel regreat knowing g-sync exist

780Ti is just an answer to the 290x which is to be expected since AMD finally made something better.  Nvidia is just trying to 1 up them, they don't care that much since they pretty much have unlimited funds.  

G-Sync IMO sounds like an expensive venture for the user.  PC in the enthusiast market is quite expensive and i don't get why Intel and NVidia like to spike up price, sounds kinda jacked up if you ask me.  G-sync looks promissing, but really only for the low end market because most of us with high end cards don't need G-sync, that centered around problems of going under 60fps. 

Now Mantel vs g-sync here's the irony, if nobody adopts Mantel in the game industry then g-sync will be useful but if Mantel is adopted, there is no point for g-sync. This is all based on who is going to adopt what.  So it's all based on Manufacturing and development from 3rd party. It's anyone's game, but in all fairness the game industry for the moment is leaning towards AMD and lots of investment was made to that by LOTS of game companies.  It would be a stupid decision to adopt G-sync at the time being. Sure either or would be great for the game industry so i won't complain but from a business perspective, AMD has next-gen gaming for some time down, they've got the console market and AMD is turning around which looks good on paper.

This is a really prejudice thing to say, but you have to be careful buying proprietary stuff. You might end up forced to pay X company a bunch of money just to keep the things you like.

Here's my 2-cents.

First off, the GTX 780 Ti, I don't give a shit about.  It's just Nvidia not wanting AMD to beat them with the R9 290x.  I would've much rather seen a 760 Ti, or a significant drop in price of Nvidia cards, mainly the 760, 770, and 780.  The 760 should be $200, the 770 $300 - $350, and the 780 $500 - $550.  That would really make Nvidia GPUs competitive again.

Now g-sync on the other hand, I'm quite excited for.  I'm someone who has to use v-sync in every game I play due to my Dell Ultrasharp only have a 60Hz refresh rate.  I could have bought an ASUS 144Hz monitor to remove the need for v-sync, but the image quality would be nowhere near that of my Dell Ultrasharp.  Now, the idea of not needing v-sync anymore sounds really exciting to me.  I know right now that g-sync is going to be very limited in what monitors it can be installed in, and it will likely be pretty pricey to begin with, but I can eventually see this being a mainstream thing, much like how 4K monitors will eventually be as mainstream as 1080p is now.  Even though Nvidia does like to guard their stuff and make everything exclusive to their GPUs, it's pretty likely that if g-sync does become popular, AMD will develop their own version, or just reverse-engineer Nivida's, which will bring more competition and lower prices.

Overall, I'm excited for all of the new tech coming out this year.  New GPUs (okay yes the R series are rebrands, but Nvidia's Maxwell architecture will hopefully be here next year), Mantle, g-sync, and the constant and never ending price wars between Nvidia and AMD.  The future looks bright :) 

780 Ti: If they lower the price of the 780 and price it at $650, and add 1 GB of RAM, they have my money
G-Sync: Great idea, but overpriced. I can buy a Perfect Pixel 1440p Monitor for $350. They will probably lower the price later down the road.


about amd having a response for g-sync. i have high hopes of this as mantel will offer close hardware development, which can lead to a smooth gameplay overall. You might have a few frame jitters because of fps on monitor and gpu not being sync properly. but overall a good response to g-sync technology.


i also beleave it would be stupid for nvidia to have an all exclusive g-sync monitor setup. as this will force owners to purchase a "nvidia recommended monotor" over their already owned and or loved monitor of their preference.

its like an Apple like way of doing things...closed in technology. open source is the more productive way to go, and i see them moving away fron that for a while now.

anything nvidia comes with a premium price! i see NO PRICE CUTS on any of their high end cards. their more pusing for their game and discount on shield bundle. and their loyal stupid fans will jump on that offer regardless of the amount of money being snatched from their wallets.

screen tearing? is that a thing? I've NEVER seen it with my 7970....  on either of my 60hz monitors. never saw it on the gtx 260... so, nvidia is trying to solve problems that don't exist.

and, guys, nvidia NEVER drops prices. EVER

780Ti = meh

G-Sync = omgwtfgimmegimmegimmeyesyesohyesomg!!

If the Gsync monitor are around 400$ and a mid range Nvidia card is around 400$ or 500$ why would anyone want to spend that much on a mid card when they could buy the top range and not even worry about it with a normal monitor with a high refresh rate?


IMO mantel seems like the real game changer it will make games run a lot better and more optimized and making porting to pc and console easier.If im not mistaken the AMD rep said those with more get more and those with less get more. 

All the Non-fans of G-sync should at least know its going to work well

its that we are not fans. we look at things from a technological stand point. 

linus may say it makes a big difference..but how much of a difference? everyone has a different point of view.

hard evedience is the only way to make just of what g sync can really do.

ps. im not taking sides, just critic what i see

pps. we tekies and our predictions..were so impatient we come up with our own conclusions to things we dont know..smh lol

Nvidia isn't saying much about the 780ti to get excited about it. All they did was announce that they are releasing it next month. Need more details, some benchmarks and a price point before I give a shit. G-Sync on the other hand seems interesting. It just replaces v sync with some tech that gives a shit about what the gpu is doing. I'm still interested in seeing what would happen if a gpu fps was higher than then the actual monitor could do. Like the gpu pushing 160 fps across that asus monitor that can't do more than 144 fps. I know those are absurd numbers for everyone's favorite game they play but I want to see if we would be back to square one again? Just my thoughts but cool tech none the less. :)

I see G.Synch as something in the line of 120hz+ Monitors and 3D vision. A gimmick.

I doubt many quality monitors will be equiped with it, and all the "gaming" monitors with crappy TN pannels will get this 15c chip and you'll pay another 120$.

Yay proprietary shit sold for $400 TN monitors! who whats to spend $400 on a TN panle?

I see screen tearing every day when my FPS drops too far on my 60 FPS Monitor. It is an issue and it does exist big time and the current fix before g-sync introduces major latency.

That's basically how I see it, but until it hits consumers we won't really know exactly how it plays out.