Your thoughts on the Dell UltraSharp U2311H

so i deceided its time to upgrade my monitor from my very loyal HP 1859 which has served me very well for the last 3 years and i sort of have my eye on the Dell UltraSharp U2311H but the only thing that is pulling me back is the 8 ms response time when gaming....


i did quit competitive gaming but i might play some online tournaments here and there , the main reason im going for this monitor is that it has an IPS panel and is cheap for an IPS panel ... so any of you guys using this??? like to have some feed back... thanks

link to the monitor -

its a nice monitor, quality

If you can feel that 8ms response time you're better than your computer.

It's untraceable, get it if you want it, IPS monitors are the shit.

Good monitor, I was looking into getting one in the future, but I realized some of the others are expensive because they have a billion colors while this has 16.7 million. From what I've heard, you do notice it, so look out for those too.