Your Thoughts on my Budget build

Hey guyz!! I just wanted to drop down this build I've been working on to see what you Teks think about it!

My budget was only $600 so this isnt the best thing around but I'd really like it if you guys could maybe suggest stuff that maybe you feel like I'm over paying for or that seem needless. 

For an OS I feel like (even though Ive been with windows since vista/XP) I'm going to try Lunix Mint cinnamon. And if that doesnt work out run the preview windows 10 for now.

As for my purpose I just want to beable to play my games on max settings such as (Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, & maybe Dayz) And maybe record my game play as well (Hence Fx-6300, 8GB with an radeon r9 280 with 3GB) 


What you think? Can I save some money some where? If not, well so be it I'm pretty happy either way. Thanks again!

Pretty solid build. But, what I would do, if you wish to save some money, is wait. The new r9 380 is supposed to be coming out soon, so if you wait for that to drop, the 280 should drop in price.

Pretty good build, this is my edit:



Kept the same one.


Same features, but slightly cheaper.


Cheaper 8 GB


Added an SSD and changed the HDD to a cheaper 1 TB (but still good)


Changed to the Sapphire version (cheaper).  You can OC it it really easily.


Got a slightly cheaper case with decent features, you can change it out if you want


Slightly cheaper 500W


Ugh, that motherboard.


Keep the DS3P, or better yet go with the 970A-UD3P.

Don't get that DirectCU2 cooler. It's more expensive and has worse performance.