Your thoughts of the new style of Windows updates?

So, by now people have surely noticed how Microshaft has switched to "rollup" updates. I found a nice site some time ago that I now often check around update Tuesdays. Originally found it as it had a solution for which optional updates actually improved update time(the time it took for it to get from 0% to actually doing something).

Anyways, I just thought it would be interesting to have a general discussion on the "rollup" updates. I'm sure Microsoft loves it because it makes it easier than dealing with all the possibilities of someone having this, but not that update installed. Though I'm sure they also love it because it's a lot easier to shove something malicious down our throat when it's rolled up in a larger package of other actually good things. Can't help, but think it thanks to their recent track record.

What are your thoughts/feelings about it?

Well in the latest update it broke networking for some users. they SERIOUSLY need to slow the OS upgrades down. If this means that they vet the upgrades more than sure im all for it. Security and system patches are ok, just not OS upgrades

Side note: Im currently attending university and its always funny to see in a class of about 25 around 3-5 windows 10 machines updating windows when all the student wants is to take notes. it brings a smile to my face.

Edit: clarified points

Well the updates has always been shit. A couple of MBs took forever to download and install.
Luckily Microsoft ain't that dumb so they fixed it by just hiding it from the user, kek.
Talk about pissing your pants to keep warm in winter.
Oh and it forces a surprise reboot now.
M$ is like Midas but everything they touch just turns to shit, both software and hardware.
It's almost an art.

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I sort of disagree. Patch Tuesday is a terrible idea and I'm glad it's going away. I checked some servers today that haven't had an update since the 10th of last month. Frankly that's unacceptable for an Internet facing server.

That being said, the update that broke DHCP should have been caught. We had it come up today and it just resolved itself after a few restarts, which suggests it might be a very sporadic problem and hard to pin down.

It's definitely a hard position for Microsoft, since they have to strike a balance between security and usability (restarting for updates every night is pretty irritating for end users).

let me rephrase, they need to slow the OS upgrades down. Security and system patches yeah but the os upgrades needs to be slowed and properly tested.

Agreed, there are already three different Windows 10 images you could end up with on a clean build after only 18 months.

The anniversary update did break some PCs for us, but actually included some valid improvements (anyone set up a VPN recently?).

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For anyone who got shafted with the networking issue.

CMD admin:

netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

restart, if you still get the issue then:

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

restart again.


Windows users are the ones 'vetting' the upates...


Quite hard to talk an elderly person though this on the phone :)

They need to fix that.I no joke have a windows 10 vm that exsists purely to update to the newest version of the preview and it is broken right now after not touching it for a month. It has nothing installed. Start menu and networking dont work. They need to hire back there testers and actually test this shit. Every update somthing is broke, its a joke. On the plus side it is driving linux adoption


Oh trust me ik.

Hey man it gives me business. windows 10 is a love hate relationship.

Love how the topics link together again

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i just rebooted that windows 10 vm, there appears to be no bcd. i could not make this up

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Hah, couldn't help but laugh at that. I can only imagine what it has done, and the stories people have.

But let's all still remember to be civil, tounge-in-cheek stuff lol

lol ya ............. they are even worse than normal atm.

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Desperate times calls for desperate measures or how was it

Refering to the Midas comment just look at this list, all they do is buy out competition because they're incompetent themselves lol

The new 'style' is 'fuck the end user.'

I'm sorry but I no longer agree with that thread. You can't blame the end user if they didn't do anything but update their machine. It shouldn't be our job to have to check ever update that m$ puts out, that is something for large organizations but not end users, not 'the little guy.' Its hard to convince my customers to continue to keep their machines updated for security purposes with stuff like this happening constantly.
As I mention, inversely it keeps me in business. But I think stuff like this isn't the end user, its m$, and perhaps one day they will pay for it in the industry.

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