Your private data as a "human right"

I ran across this site awhile ago. I have not fully researched it. It seems like they want to make the private individuals “data” a “human right” with the ability for you, as an individual, to sell your own data and receive compensation for your data. Or not sell at all.


How would I go about increasing my self value?

Improve yourself?

All seriousness though, it seems like this is an interesting concept, however, I’m not sure what the hell we’re supposed to do about it.

This will completely collapse the ad industry and will absolutely destroy facebook and twitter. Politicians won’t allow it.


Im mad as hell and Im not going to take it anymore!

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Just read through the entire page.

As soon as I got to “blockchain” they lost me.

Every single blockchain solution is the absolute most autistic thing I’ve ever seen

Let’s make a data structure where X node contains every previous node in it. Let’s make this data structure cryptographically hashed. To create a new node, every previous node must be validated.

That’s not an unrealistic expectation, ever.

How about just implementing an audit log instead?

Any company that takes itself seriously only uses blockchain for a marketing stunt.

Any service that actually intends to implement blockchain is a ponzi scheme or shady crypto venture aiming to make a quick buck with an IPO.


Nice, when?

That is not how blockchains work.
One block contains the hash of its previous block, a time stamp and its own data. That way any modification of existing blocks is noticeable.

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Fuck off, the point is that blockchains are an absolute meme and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Look at bitcoin. The required power for the network has exponentially increased since day 1.

We’ve evaluated using something of the sort in our company to verify financial transactions and have determined that audit logs are simply better.

Not to mention this ill-founded idea that “decentralized blockchain crypto p2p” solves everything.

Buncha word salad from someone who’s spent a bit too much time in marketing classes.


The technology itself works flawlessly, just that the current application are suboptimal or plain BS.

All the claims made in this thread about it came from you.

From what I understand they are looking for 100,000 people to sign on then start doing whatever it is they plan.

I’m glad there is some discussion about this because there are parts I don’t understand, such as blockchain. I like it when people smarter than me discuss the pros and cons.

The blockchain is not needed for this. What is needed is law and someone protecting it.

I have no fucking idea why people hype it for things it is not. Blockchain is a series of interlocked hashes, no magic.

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On the topic of discussing blockchain:

How do you remove data from it?

Last I checked, you can’t. What if you decide to stop using the service? Your data is permanently in that database for as long as it’s there.

enforcing it, but yeah. Laws are more effective than a few bits.


Find the scam.


Excellent, so it’s not completely useless. Unfortunately, lobbyist + politician = rich politicians. So, like you said yourself, that’ll never happen.

It already is, it’s a part of human rights agreement. Unfortunately, most in power chose to overlook this while majority of us give it away, because we have nothing to hide.

On paper, perhaps, but realistically, not really, there’s the whole exponential side of it. The pissing away of energy and other resources just to keep it running is a waste.

Downfall of human race is the inability to comprehend the impact of anything exponential. Climate change is no where near exponential, and we’re too short sighted to see the shit that’s about to happen.

Only if they are upheld, and a disturbing amount of lawmakers don’t.


I tried rearranging the letters but for then life of me can’t see the S or M…

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Any human right is something not given, but what you have on your own. We all have privacy simply if we do not give it away.

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* @MazeFrame tries to be informative *


It is written on actual paper that private information cannot be stored or used without owners consent. Then there are all the exceptions written into law tho. Danish government for instance, sneakily added an exception for bio data from hospital visits, which allowed IBM to get it all for free, so they could train Watson. Unfortunate for them, it was ones right to refuse this from being possible, so after scouring health website, it was possible to find a form which had to be signed and delivered.

Reason I know, at least some of it, is on paper, is because of case running in Denmark at the moment, where the Minister of Justice has been subpoenaed for forcing phone companies to store logging information for 5 years, location, calls, messages and more. Which is in direct violation of human rights law. There are talks about it going to European courts and further after supreme court here.

Something else, was wondering, what is private data to you guys? I have a really hard time seeing, what can be so important that it must be stored forever and ever, digitally.

I get the whole family pictures, personal documents, medical records, but what else is there that is reasonable to save?

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I’m not aware that this is the case. At least not with any EU mandated law.

Reasonable to save for who? I would imagine private data would want to be saved for as long as the person is alive or the related people want the data.

private is different from personal. Private data is any data which you want to restrict access to. personal data or PII is defined under law.


It’s not lawmakers, it’s the enforcement agencies. DOJ, police, etc…

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This again is not a problem of blockchain but where it is used and is true for all computer systems.

For a set of elements (images, for example), you can put one hash per image and the hash of the previous image and create one block from that. In the end you only get a block that would enable to detect changes to any of the images as their hash changes changing the overall outcome.

Very simplistic example:

Think of the pure blockchain as a linked list.

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