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Greetings L1ers,

I just spent a few hours online ordering some components for a new build. I have been contemplating doing a custom build for a few years and I finally got around to making it happen. Even though all of my parts are probably going to be here in not much more than a week, my full time job keeps me busy 60 to 72 hours a week so it may take several weeks to get around to having a couple of days to take off and complete my build.

Here’s my build list:

Asus ProArt b550 Creator.
Ryzen 9 3900x with The wraith prism cooler.
AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 workstation.
White Be Quiet 500 DX case
Be Quiet Pure Power 11 FM 750w Gold.

Although I have a couple of 500 GB Western digital sn550 blues laying around I may end up going ahead and getting a Samsung 980 pro 1 TB so I’ll have that as a scratch disk and for the operating system.

I will eventually go ahead and get some mechanical drives that are two three or four terabytes for storage and I want to try my hand at doing some Bitcoin mining, but I’ll cross that bridge later.

I haven’t ordered the ram yet as I’m a bit undecided about whether to go with 32 GB or 64. Also I tentatively have plans to pick up a Asus pro art 27 inch monitor but I’m not quite sure whether I’m going to go with the 2K or a 4K. And I’ll eventually add another 27 inch to have dual displays on that.

I am dead set on not allowing Microsoft to fingerprint my new build so Linux will be the go-to operating system. Being fairly new to the Linux world I’ve kind of been playing around this past year with some different Linux Os and I’m pretty fond of Kubuntu and Plasma 5. So once I get that installed then I will just manually install the list of graphics programs that comes from the Ubuntu Studio suite.

So anyway there’s my first post on the level 1 Techs forum. :slight_smile:


Bitcoin had long exited conventional PC, to specialty hardware
One thing that’ll help your decision making [RAM wise], be assuring native compatibility
Can look at your mainboards QVL listing or from RAM producer site(s)

Second of all…


Before you do, make sure to check out prices for SSDs vs Mechs. You might be surprised at how cheap larger-capacity SSDs are now. :slight_smile: Of course, Mechs are still unbeatable for cold storage.


Just went back to 1080p on a 13" laptop, after years of using hidpi and 4k only displays. Big mistake, can’t fit anything…

On the other hand, I’m liking my PA329C after a year of using it so much I was thinking of picking up a second one now that I’m likely to permanently be working from home. (I’m using it with no scaling just 1:1 on 32")

Also pick up an x1 display pro and calibrate using displaycal, Asus calibration software is shite! And their monitors skew green from factory calibration.

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