Your opinions please guys

this is just a budget pc im gonna put together as a surprise birthday present for my brother. he's not really into gaming he rarely plays video games, so this is just a simple budget pc that im putting together for him as his 1st pc. hes been wanting a pc for a long time because he produces music and stuff. so i wanna know what you guys think. bear in mind that these parts are my final decision and i will not change a thing since our local store has many limitations. anyway please check it out and let me know. thanks.

Looks good to me :)

Looks okay to me, but i would recommend to chance the mobo to a A88x chipset board,  im not sure if that A78m board supports the 760K out of the box.


it does actually and i'm thinking of changing the a78m to a a55m just because it's cheaper and almost identical. when it comes to motherboards to me usually 2 dim slots and at least 1 pci express and 1 pci slot would suffice.

yes i just checked the cpu support list of the A78 board, ts stated 760K richland support out of the box, so your good to go then ☺

yup haha

wow 100 bucks for Windows...

i assume you're new to the tech world ? :P

I am one of the lucky people who never had to buy their windows licence. I get 2 windows copies for free as a student ;-)

It is surprising that windows 7 is still at 100$ even though there is win 8 now.

I don't know whether this applies for you or not, but you could give it a try:

Go to 3. More software through your school and check if you can find your school there. Your school needs to have the dreamspark premium subscription if you want the OS. Good luck!

I'm afraid it doesn't ;/ Here in my country the OEM is 10 bucks more expensive believe it or not.