Your opinion on this? (privacy related)

I don’t use a VPN; could explain if requested, but suffice it to say for my needs, it’s more trouble than worth.
I also don’t have Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc accounts. Be it with my real name, or with a faux one; none at all.
I don’t use or run many programs, am very tidy/picky with which they are, i never update unless security issues arise; i do use ublock on Waterfox with about 7 thousand lines of extra, personally made filters (yeah…), along with a very healthy hosts file. I never save cookies, passwords, or forms. For anything, ever. I don’t even have favourites.

More importantly, i take great care never to mix emails and browsing/forum talking in the same session.
I do one or the other.
E.G. if i wanted to send or merely check my emails right now, i’d close Waterfox entirely, give it a couple of seconds, re-open it just to handtype (as i said, nothing’s saved on the browser), hand login, log out, close Waterfox again, give it a couple more seconds, then reopen to continue surfing or whatever.
Takes time, but it’s worked wonders for me thus far. Believe it or not, not a single fishing email on my gmail account (real name) since i created it; not one.

But as i said, it’s a bit time-consuming, it being where your advice comes in :slight_smile:

I’d like to be able to read my emails from a separate client, while simultaneously browsing with my internet brwoser.

My current thinking since i do have Office is to use Outlook '16 cached exchange.
It has its own client, so maybe i can escape the changing sessions procedure.
I leave Waterfox open wherever i am, open Outlook from Windows simultaneously to check or send mail, zero issues in terms of privacy/tracking.

Is that right or am i dreaming? :slight_smile:
( yes, i know Microsoft does its own logging, everyone does; nothing’s perfect. And i know how Microfot handles its software, but not an issue for me; if it’s not 100% required for Outlook, it’s or start=4 already)
I.E is there a way for Outlook to know what i’m doing in Waterfox, or vice-versa that i’m unaware of?

If you’ve read that far, opinions most welcome!

P.S. No, the old fart isn’t paranoid. Who i am and what i do by necessity entail a relatively elevated level of prudence.
P.P.S. If YOU however are paranoid, worry not. Be paranoid all day long, long as you’re never irrational!

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I don’t see how those things would interact in any way unless there’s some sort of API that’s making your browser and Outlook talk to each other.

About Outlook: it’s pure and utter garbage, please don’t ever use it if you want any kind of sanity in your life. I’m forced to use it and I do really hate it. You also have no control whatsoever on updates so if Microsoft pushes a bad update for it you’re stuck until they fix it.

OT: seeing all the juggling you’re forced to do just for a couple tabs you have open on your browser, have you ever thought about switching to Qubes-OS?


Why not use an email client? For example, Thunderbird. I never use webmail anymore because I don’t check personal email on devices I don’t own.

I do have a Microsoft email. Email isn’t secure anyway. I assume every email is scrapped by Microsoft. If I want to communicate securely I use voice communication or use a messaging app that support end to end encryption.

Edit: I should say communicate more secure. Voice can be easily monitored by governments and providers.


I was going to suggest qubes as well. It doesn’t sound like what your doing on your computer is too graphically intensive so qubes is a great idea for segmentation… You could run a windows vm or 2 and be completely isolated from work and personal matters. It’s worth looking into.


Appreciate the replies folks :slight_smile:

To clarify a bit first:
@MetalizeYourBrain as mentioned in the OP, there isn’t a single update or change that can occur in this PC. Not one. When i’m done setting a new PC up software-wise? forget Moneysoft updates, you could come sit in my chair with an update on file and try and run it, you’d never manage to install it :slight_smile:
Question is unrelated to this.

As to a new OS or using VM as @Whizdumb advises, not an option for me am afraid; for reasons unrelated to this OP, VM is a no-go on this baby.
Though in all, i appreciate your taking the time to respond; thank you.
(shame too, Qubes looks… easy enough for me to handle and just the thing; shame)

@Razor_Blade Regarding security, also not related to this. Am only trying to i) retain my current privacy/difficulty of Google’s fondling my cookies’ privates, while ii) saving me some time; hence the whole OP about a"separate" email client, ie one NOT running through my browser.

As to Thunderbird, lol, who told you i knew about it!? :slight_smile:
Old is old man, don’t expect too much ^^
Will check it out, see what it is, many thanks man.


Yes, I do encourage you to check that aswell. It’s a nice piece of software, works really well, easy to setup.

There are also portable versions, if you don’t want something to reside fully on your disk.

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Wanted to thank you all once more for taking the time to respond, much obliged :slight_smile:

If anyone cares as to my reasoning, otherwise stop here ^^
To my utter shame and disgrace, i’m actually, consciously, sticking to a Moneysoft program!
O tempora…

Thunderbird is not me.

  • It too has upload limitations (though granted, for very logical reasons) just like Outlook has. In both, i’d need an online, separate presence so as to upload anything bigger; thus, nothing accomplished from switching to Thunderbird.
  • I’d stil need a proper email account elsewhere, except i’d then need to give additional permissions to someone(s) other than me or the legally responsible account holder, to delegate and reroute; my stuff. No way. We’re talking less here, not adding more folks into the party.
  • As with all things “open source”/“we chat in Reddit or Github”, here today, gone tomorrow; or radically changed tomorrow, or sold out the day after. This is a private, work and credit card-related email, need to know it’ll be there tomorrow, next month or decade.

If i make it that long, lol

Anyway, my sincere thanks once again.
PC-related subjects… you can know a lot in just the one thing, be totally clueless elsewhere; hope you’ll forgive my inane questions.

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Would you use a second pc just for email - I am guessing you cant do that, but i was thinking the ultimate way to partition would be to have specific machines for specific purposes and so they wont mix.