Your opinion on my first pc build please comment



gpu;sapphire radeon hd 7870 ghz oc 2gb 256-bit gddr5-$200

ram;kingston hyper x 8gb (2x4gb) 1600mhz-$80

psu;corsair builder series cx 500 watts$50

mobo;msi computer corp. socket am3+ amd 970 ddr3 atx 970a-g43-$67

hdd: wd blue 1 tb - $65

caes;(no case need) 

total-$607 (all parts from amazon)

this is my first gaming build and this is the spec i'm look at. can you give me your opinion on my  build my budget is  $607 

can this mobo and gpu crossfire and is that a good idea thanks



Instead of the 8320 I'd go with the fx 6300 ($120) and use the saved money to buy a better gpu, such as the radeon 7950. Or go up to a 8350 and buy a 7850 instead, and replace it later.

ok i was thinking i  could up my budget to $650 and get the fx8350 keep the 7870 is this a good idea or buy a fx6300 and buy a 7950 


Get a 7950 much better deal . I think newegg had a his for 179 U.S.  Thats a killer deal . Jump on it .



ok so fx 8350 and the his ice q 7950 is my motherboard a good choice ?


its fine if u dont intend to do much overclocking, if u do the 990fx chip is want u want.

will this psu power my build? or will i need more watts?


The PSU is fine for wattage. You would only need to upgrade if you planned on crossfiring your gpu. If that's the case, you should increase your psu to 650w for the extra headroom.