Your FoV preference

What fov do you prefer and why? is it worth crank it up and maybe feel sick because of that just to get an advantage? And is it more difficult aim with extreme fovs as stuff becomes tiny around the crosshair area?

I personally use 100, but 90 will suffice for most games.

PS. Sorry if this has already been asked but I couldn't find a search feature in these forums and I don't got time to browse through it all.


I have found 80 to be optimal in fps games you can actually calculate your best field of view based on your monitor.

When I game, it is really high, never less than 100, closer to 140 in most cases. Just feels more fluid to me.

In Skyrim I use 99, but in just about every other game I crank it to around 130. Qain got me hooked on that thanks to Quake.

I am really happy with 90. Anything above 90 just feels unnatural to me.