Your first car and what you're driving now

This man complaining about driving an S2000.



first car: white sedan

current car: white sedan


They look what I’d associate with “Gangster”

Technically my first car…at the age of 30. I’d ridden bikes from passing my test during teenage years, but needed this automatic after ‘a bike related incident’ when a leg stopped working for a few years. It was not an exciting car :roll_eyes:


@ChrisA those mazda´s are pretty nice cars.
Too bad that on sea level climates they rust that quickly.
But other then that pretty reliable and solid cars.

I went out looking for a estate version of the 6.
It was a 2.0 16V with 6 speed manual a pretty well driving car.
But unfortunately it had starting signs of the well known rust issues.
So i did end up not buying it.

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Don’t make’em, like they used too…
That’ll be very valuable, in due time. Esp. since they’ve discarded their [brutish] R-R engines

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Not exciting [so much for “Zoom-Zoom”], yes - but one of the more reliable builds
They made a blown i4 variant, of that era Mazda 6, that was supposed to be a bit fun [never seen one]

Great cars! Tons of space.
I had the estate diesel 2.0 turbo with 136hp as my first car. Didn’t do a good job at inspecting the rust and bought a terrible example. A guy that used to work at a Mazda service center told me that these specific models had a catastrophic engine failure in which some components of the engine just fall apart and the engine seizes up. Whether that’s true or not, I have no idea.
I ended up selling it after 2 months with a pretty hefty loss and bought myself a 1.9tdi Clio from 1998, which was a stupid fast car with 89hp.

I now drive a 2010 MK4.5 Ford Mondeo, which is one of the prettier cars on the road in my opinion. More car than I’ll ever need.
I’ll post photos in due time.

Yeah Mazda really has some terrible rust issues.
Even younger models are already suffering from it as well.
For what ever reason mazda decides to skimp on anti rust protection.

Yeah those Mondeo’s are solid cars really.

My current car is a 2003 Volvo S60.
I have yet to find a car that would be comparable to it for a reasonable price.
Of course a Volvo S60 or V70 T5 manual would be nicer.
However those are harder to find. :slight_smile:

Oof. A V70 T5 would be a dream come true. I haven’t looked at any of them in quite a few years, but I imagine the jumped up in price a little. Especially the old boxy ones.

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The first generation boxy ones can be found for reasonable prices actually.
However finding a great example is kinda difficult.

My daily driver dream car atm would be the Alfa Romeo Giulia Qudrifoglio.
At least in regards to the newer generations of cars.

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Had a customer come in once with his T5 Turbo AWD wagon fully loaded to drop stuff off.
Slightly modified, 6spd with the space ball (right term?) shifter.
Chatted with him over a smoke about it. F*cking awesome car. He sticker bombed the plastic engine cover which was cool too, though I don’t know how long the adhesive will last since he said the turbo can get glowing red hot after some spirited driving.

An uncle of mine also had a V8 AWD S80. Such an awesome engine that was tuned by Yamaha IIRC.

I learned to drive stick in one of these ages ago! Though it was a turbodiesel. Still a ridiculously fun car to me.

The engine is definitely old school, 4600 rpm redline; feels kinda like a smoother more quiet diesel.

At least I’ve been consistent the past 15 years lol.

Have you ever noticed a correlation with the car someone learned to drive on and how smoothly they can shift a gear? I swear all the people I know that learned how to drive on a truck don’t match rpm correctly when shifting gears and just let the clutch do all the work.

First car was an Audi 80 B3 2.0E with Kamai Parts.

Current car is and Audi A6 Avant 3.0 TDI with simple Sline package.

I miss my first car like hell but those thinks are way to expensive now.
Bought it for about 3000€ back in 2010 or 2011 sold it for about 2500€ 4 years later.
Now one with that spec and milage goes for about 10k€ crazy


It was pretty good, served its purpose, luckily I’m around 50 miles from the sea, so the rust wasn’t much of a problem.

I had the 2L auto, the 6 speed was probably nicer to drive eh?

As soon as able, I sold it and got back on a bike after nearly 3 years off two wheels :slight_smile:

My buddy loves his minivan for the same reasons. They are low key luxury cars (smooth, quiet, powerful).

S2000s are goats. Will go down in history as one of the best $ for $ sports cars ever. You have a good stable of rides.

Wasn’t one of those kids that got a car, I would borrow my parent’s cars.
I learned on a manual Chevy Chevette (don’t have my own pics of it) that my sister and I would jokengly call ‘the vette’

At the time I was embarrassed but in hindsight it was an amazing car for the money. They are crazy reliable, rear wheel drive.

After that was a manual 4 door late 90s Accord (again no pic and not mine)

Then making my own $$ and being dumb, I bought a new (and expensive at the time) car, manual with LSD 03 IS300 (not my pic)

Then I have it pshhhh noises

To be a reliable and practical daily I got a used Tacoma, supercharged, did some mods… And used it to pickup my neXt dumB move, an 06 CBR600RR

And the cohabitatant has an 06 is250 that doesn’t even deserve a pic, pita car. I’ll post pics of it’s oil caked intake valves…


Those S80’s with Yamaha V8’s are good but rare.


S80-V8 are basically a unicorn - NEVER seen one [spotted fair few XC90 V8s overtime]

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I got my first car, a 2000 Silverado 1500, in 2003. Here it is in my driveway on this exceptionally bright morning :grin:

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Lol so this describes me. I found that learning clutch control and driving stick on diesels was easy mode.
Having all that low-end torque made it almost hard to stall the cars I drove. One of the last cars I drove in Italy was a newer (at the time, 2018) diesel Golf. I’m pretty sure it regulated the throttle in situations where it would stall, so it was even harder to hold the car on a hill with the clutch. There might have been a single millimeter of pedal between the car surging forward (still on a steep incline) and being held by the clutch.

Having come back to Canada and attempting to drive a manual civic as smoothly as I could drive those diesels was a vastly different experience. Same with a miata. I found the clutch on my buddies 335i was almost as forgiving as what I was used to, but still had trouble shifting to 2nd without some shakiness.

I still haven’t owned a manual car though, so I haven’t had the daily driving experience that I so desperately want.