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Your first car and what your driving now


First car:

Current car:


Downgrade lol


Yep NZ. 2K haha. Didn't go too bad for a whole 1000cc I guess.

Actually have another in the garage, rolling shell with rego on hold. One day it'll be a race car (club car) for the wife and I to race. After I sell the Lancer.

I see this thread changed to what we current'y drive also, so I'll add those

Race car is this:

'94 Mitsi Lancer GSR. For those that aren't aware, 1800 Turbo AWD; bascially baby brother of an Evolution. Bog stock apart from lowering spring kit and sticky race tyres. Did very well at local club level in hillclimbs and street sprints. Now I'm actually the local car club secretary, and the wife and I do timing because I blew it up... (It ingested a bolt that must have been sitting in t he intake the entire time I owned it. Sadface.)

Daily driver, which wife now drives as I get a work van:

1996 Toyota Carib, 20V 4AGE, 5-speed, now with kids seats and continual kids mess in the back. The longest I've ever owned a car, I think I got it in 2008, at just under 200,000km, and has now done 290,000km. Done one clutch when I got it, and just the usual servicing. Man I love Toyotas.

My first car, for those that missed it, can be found if you click here


Still looking for my first love....

on Wheels lol.


Pictures from you behind the wheel?
Cause i dont believe a single shit of that lol.


lol dreamer.


First "car": Bicycle
Current "car": Still a bicycle.


I currently drive a Vauxhall Corsa Comfort 1.2i Ecotech, 2001 model
Nice little runner, although it has had all the suspension on the passenger side changed.
Its rather peppy for a 1.2ltr also, in 3rd it can really pull despite it saying its a 12.0s to 60, I actually don't think it is but I haven't tested.


1994 GMC Sierra, and I am still driving it. It was given to me from my grandpa, and he got it from my great grandpa.


Took me a few tries, but I figured out how to reply. Anyways, that is a very cool Camero. I might have to give my car a paint job similar to that! over the past 6(?) months I have managed to get my car into a drivable condition.
Eventually I will take some half decent pics of it, but here is how it looks right now.


That is a great picture of that truck. It just screams "AMERICA" to me.


First car was a 1987 Cadillac Coupe Deville. That car was nice, not a scratch on it. Now I have a 94 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 4X4. Love my Jeep. Post a pic tomorrow.


My first car was technically a 1987 Toyota Corolla but it didn't last long due to rust. I then had a 92 Ford Ranger. I've had quite a few cars between then and now but currently I've got 4 vehicles... I think it's safe to say I have an addiction to cars....

2007 Nissan Titan

2006 Honda 919

1997 BMW 328is

and last but not least my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Those Titans are nice


Yah, I love mine. I don't understand why they don't get more support, I hear mostly negative comments about it.


Thats strange, because they are basicly very good.
Maybe its kinda the same as the Tundra in the US, its Japanese.

I never read much negative things about them.
But over here, you rarely see one.


First car was my mother's 2001 Chevy Blazer LS and I used to love that thing to pieces, still do, but I drove it into the ground and it needs a lot of repairs before that thing can be driven anywhere safety.

I now own a 2012 Chevy Malibu LS because I travel distances and need something that can not slug down gas faster I can afford to buy it. This car has definitely saved me a ton of money compared to the Blazer, both in gas and repairs. The trade off being that I've gotten stuck with the Malibu a lot more in the winter than I did with the Blazer. Owning a car in Canada probably seems moronic but I've learned how to manage. Snow tires, definitely get snow tires.


Fun thread...

1974 beetle POS (in 1988)
1974 pinto POS (woody of course)
1990 turbo sprint (favourite car ever!)
1996 cavalier ho (150HP version)
2000 golf tdi (upsolute chipped)
2007 camry hybrid (i miss you camry!!)
2013 dodge caravan (sigh! - but scooter fits)

(also: yz80/cr80/several forgotten ~500cc bikes/dt400 (broke my tibia with kick-starter), gs750)

(mobility scooters)




Because I got married and it was going to be a PITA to try and put kids in the back of a two door sports car