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Your first car and what your driving now


Do you live in New Zealand? Saw a lot of those when I was there a little while ago.


Skylines are basicly allways RB engines.


You're correct, I got confused with Silvia's for a second.


Sure do. 😃


Hahaha nice. Loved it there. Want to visit for longer or live there at some point. Such a friendly and open car scene.


My first car was Volkswagen Passat 1.6 1986 years model. Color was blue, and i remember that on the back there was sticker "Oldscool". Car looked something ike that:


That looks a lot like NZ... what engine did it have?


Whoa did they come factory with SR's? I was talking to my mates boss, he's got a early Skyline, must be R30 or so with a FJ20ET engine in it. Never even heard of that engine before. He was doing some crazy speeds in it, hit a pothole and did some massive damage to the engine. He also has a R30 wagon, which, through some crazy fluke of vehicle licencing, legally belongs to no one.


My current car is also my first car: Volvo 850
The best buy I've ever made payId 500 euros for it, used it for 3 years never had a problem. Engine running for 30 000 metric miles now. ;)


10k for a first car?! Holy shit dude, if I was you I would put 9k of that aside, and spend 1k on some old banger that doesn't matter if you beat up... buy a good one for 9k once you've got some experience.

My first car was a 1985 Mazda Familia (older than me) that I got for xmas one year. Cost my dad $250. Came with a WoF sticker for when the current WoF ran out too. When it rained, the rear footwells became mini foot spa baths (a quite expensive optional extra, I was told). Went pretty well until I sold it to my mate who sold it to his mate (some Familia fanboy), who, on an 8hr road trip home blew the engine up.

Didn't matter to him tho, that crazy bastard put a Mitsubishi Evo engine or somehing nuts into it.


I've merged the two "first car" threads so now we've got everything in one place.


First car was a 2003 Suzuki XL-7, guess what?And I'm still driving it know...I'm a college student...


First car, 1995 dark green mitsubishi 3000gt, had it from the time I was 16 to the time I was 21. Loved it, it was my best friend, asshole ran head on into me because he wasn't looking before he turned.

Now, I has no car, and no jerb.


Damn man, out of all my cars, my 93' 535i/5 was probably my favorite. Lowered mine as well, and had some Style 5's that I tore apart, and refinished. Took forever, and was a serious labor of love that I stupidly sold to get a new MINI Cooper S. Also a fantastic car that I loved to death, but man, the e31/e32/e34 will always remain my most loved cars. That M30 motor was just bulletproof, INCREDIBLY easy to work on, and so cheap to keep on the road compared to some others.


My family has had four 1986-1987 Chevy Celebrities. We drove them pretty hard and only ever had to do basic tune ups on 3 of them to keep them running great. The 4th one that my dad bought one that wouldn't stay running for $400 that had a blown head gasket, needed new brakes and a tune-up. Took me about 3 hours too fix all of that and it was running smooth. Parents lent out the second one to a neighbor and they crashed it into a tree so we only got 87k miles out of that one. but the first one got over 400k miles put on it before it got totaled into a cow on the highway. All of them were the 2.5ltr.


Sweet car man, I love those style 5s. The cousin to my style 19s Haha. Running those without the caps looks so mean, adds lot to the overall look. Definetley get another of that era Bimmer, they are all still nice and cheap.


Forgot to comment on the wheel rebuild, I also did mine and what an absolute JOB. Stripped all the paint, replaced all the nuts and bolts, tightening each one to spec with loctite. Took something like 30 hours to do everything.


First car was a 72 VW Super Beetle. Loved it except for the lack of heat. While I maintained that one as my daily driver I bought / destroyed 5 others of various years. Was kind of a car nut back in the day and enjoyed tinkering with them. I graffitied my 72 with all kinds of anti-saddam crap during the first gulf war and while I was out of town my dad sold it to someone because the neighbors complained. That was a bummer.

Most people I know have only one car. For some reason that idea has never worked for me. My current fleet...

71 240z
72 240z
89 Ford F600
93 Range Rover LWB
99 Volvo V70 XC
99 Four-Runner Limited
01 Range Rover 4.6 HSE
A 5x10 light duty trailer
A 8x16 heavy duty trailer

The 72 240z was my high school graduation gift, my dad split it with me. He had tried to buy one new back in the day and was on a waiting list for 6 months before he gave up. It still runs great but is due for a refresh. The 71 I bought to do some SCCA racing with but I still haven't gotten around to it. The F-600 is like a big Penske moving van, I got it cheap and use it as storage.

The 93 RR was my first truck and definitely has it's quirks but has taken me and the family on many adventures across the country and so will be with us forever. Last year some crazy old lady drove straight into the back of it while it was parked on the street so I've taken the opportunity to go through and rebuild it. At my pace it will probably be in the garage for another year still. The 01 I purchased in a moment of weakness, I'll probably be selling it soon. It is so much more comfy than the Four Runner.

The Volvo was my wife's but I've got to admit, it is an awesome wagon. It is her favorite car before or since so when we blew up the engine one day instead of selling it (what I told her) I stuck it in storage to be rebuilt to surprise her with some day. I plan on swapping in a more powerful 2.3l to replace the 2.4l. That was like 5 years ago, I'm a bit busier than I like to think I am.

I'm 40 now and though I love to ride, last year my desire to not be killed by some texting teenage girl caused me to sell my last motorcycle, an 03 Ninja. Over the course of one day I had two near misses with texting teenagers and that night a cop with no lights on (not even headlights) nearly killed me by running a stop light going probably 70 mph in a 35. That was enough for me and later that week I sold my bike for $400 more than I had paid for it a few years earlier.

The Four Runner is my current daily driver. I will keep it until it rusts away probably. It is very handy, it gets near 20mpg and I don't give a crap about it, which is nice for a truck. I'm currently on the market for the right BMW or Porsche to demote the Yota back to utility duty. I've been driving a truck for too long and with the bikes gone I've got no release...


My car which is my first car because I am only 17 is a BA Ford Falcon XR6 ute. You can only get them here in Australia which is a shame because they are pretty quick and practical if you only need two seats. I also have another car that my dad has given me. Again it is a Ford Falcon but it is an old XB from the 1970's. It has got a 302 Windsor with a mild cam. It is really cool but needs to be restored to its former glory.


First vehicle was an 89 GMC S15 pickup.

Now driving a 2001 VW Golf GLS 1.8T.