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Your first car and what your driving now

  1. 1987 Chevy Cavilier
  2. 1992 Buick Century
  3. 1987 Chevy Celebrity
  4. 1987 Pontiac Fiero
  5. 1987 Buick LeSabre
  6. 1992 Cadillac Deville
  7. 1996 Subaru Outback


My first and current car is a 1998 Holden commodore vt. one of the seat belts in the back is duct taped together, so needless to say, no one sits there, and the seat on the other side is covered in mold. I should clean it but meh. It also starts to overheat sometimes, but only on cold days? dunno why, but the easyest way of fixing this is to just floor it, its probaly not good for it, but it works. And thats my car.


Anyone here watch Regular Car Reviews? Or the smoking tire?


Dream car for me. Gonna get one as soon as funds permit


First car for me was a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird ... just like the one below except I had silver paint on the bottom/blue on top.. and no sun roof.

Current is a 2000 Toyota 4Runner that I've had for about 7 or 8 years now

I don't plan on getting rid of the 4Runner unless it's for a new one. I love the thing <3. If I get a car I'll keep this 4Runner because I need something to tow the 4wheeler. :) I won't be buying anything for another 2 years... but I've got my eye on the new Audi RS3 if it makes it stateside. The RS3 is going to be my midlife crisis purchase before I'm old enough to be having a midlife crisis.


I've watched the smoking tire, but not on the regular.


First car: Dodge Neon Motorsport Edition (2001, ES?).

Actually just signed on it a few days ago, and is officially my first [owned] car. It's a bit fancy - manual, leather seats, sunroof, black rims, spoiler, and possibly a couple other features I'm forgetting. The clutch and steering is stiff but accurate. It's fun to drive, to say the least.


As well as the funds to repair it. The e38 is......a freakin nightmare to maintain compared to even other BMW's. Only thing worse would be the e65, which is possibly the worst BMW ever made. I know my dad had one and average annual maintenance costs were anywhere from $2000-5000, though he did not do any of his own work. Had that car for a little over 10 years, and he still misses it to this day, but does not miss the running cost.

With that said, if you do all your own work, and can source parts cheaply, the e38 is a fantastic car.


My first car was a 1990 Nissan Maxima, and it was a cool first car. 8 BMW's later and I now have a manual 1996 328i. Already sick of this one though, and want to get rid of it. Honestly may go without a car for a while, then one down the road I'd like to pick up an e32 740i.


My grandfather died when I was 15 years old. After that my grandmother moved in with one of my aunts. I was asked if there was anything that I wanted before they did an auction. I asked for the old color TV that was in the basement and his '86 Chevy Celebrity. While I think GM cars are junk it was well maintained and made a good first car for a 16 year old kid and the price was right.

As this is a highly subjective question I will give you a subjective answer. I like Hondas as I have several over the last 17 years. I like the ride quality, efficiency, performance and I know how to work on them very well.

Regardless of what you decide to buy do plenty of research and take it for a nice test drive. Don't buy anything that has ever been wrecked or modified. Even if they reversed some of the modifications that is a sign that the car was probably abused one way or another. Sellers also often incorrectly think that modifications increase the value of the car. All in all if anything smells fishy just walk away.

If you go to a dealer make sure you research how dealers work and the different steps they put you through to try and get more money from you. This does not apply as much to used cars but it does apply.

Be skeptical, be paranoid and be prepared to walk away.

Sorry I think I hijacked my own post and went south with it. :)


A blue Ford Territory which was my dads.


Subaru Ace in a 5 speed manual. Best car to learn in because its so small!


volvo xc90 2004 2.9l 272HP TwinTurbo ; still have it, and it works.
(has "Made in Sweden")

had transmission failure at 92k but was fixed by software update.


A 1982 KP61 Starlet. Man I wish I still had that car, I sold it because it needed a clutch. I was an apprentice auto-electrician, and on one of those would have been so freaking easy.

I got it from a guy who had purchased it from an old lady 2 weeks earlier, bog stock.
Pic is with my flatmates wheels on it and springs were sitting in the boot. I was young and dumb.

An awesome car to learn how the basics work, mega reliable and cheap to run. We used to have an abundance of cheap old Jap cars, which were great cars.
If I was buying again I'd say go with what Praestigiator said.


I had a 1966 Ford Falcon 2-door. I bought it for $300 and broke the main-seal in the first week. The car was so rotted underneath, it wasn't worth fixing.


My first car was a Nissan R32 Skyline - still wish I had never sold it......


Hyundai Accent. Red. Beat the shit out of that thing.


2009 Ford Focus SEL... Little two liter can take a beating. You can not go wrong with a duratech 2.0L and good tranny. Suprisingly the 2009 duratech 2.0 was and is an extremely strong engine for a compact


1991 BMW 535i 5 speed manual. 3.5L Inline 6 M30B35, stick shift, limited slip differential, and terrible paint. Owned for a year and a half so far. Fantastic car. Have so far replaced transmission, installed lowering springs, purchased and refinished BBS style 19 wheels, swapped to ellipsoid headlights, and made my own exhaust, all DIY with help from my dad in the garage.


Wow... That's an incredible first car. Pictures? RB or SR engine?