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Your first car and what your driving now


@Red Man I love the look of those old Golf's . I personally would love to have an older vw rabbit, did you like the look of that car?


@Cloudgaming12 I never gave the look much of a thought at the time. The car was a dime a dozen, everyone had one. It got good gas mileage for the time and was sprite enough on its feet. It did have plenty of space in the back though for camping/picnics. And it was plenty big enough for the pet sheep we had. (don't ask)


Haha. @Cloudgaming12. Minis are pretty good go carts too and I considered one but I didn't want to spend more than $2500 on a car.

I'd go black strip for that subtle look.


@Sal_L Ya i was honestly debating between the mx-5 and the cooper. It honesly came down to interior size. I am 6'3 and still possible growing and the mini has WAY more room than the mx-5. Also the mini had less miles for the price.


First car is a 1974 Volkswagen beetle. Orange in color and still what I drive today.


That is the downside to the MX-5. It has a maximum height without some seat position mods. I am 5' 6'' which makes it the perfect size for me.


Yup that was the deciding factor for me, I also felt that the cooper just had more pep. And @macwhopper er Got any pictures of it? I would love to buy one of those and just cruse down pacific coast with my surfboard on top:D.


For sure the mini is going to feel faster. I have the 1.6 so I have the slowest of the slow MX-5s ha. Had I known better I would have held out for a 94 1.8 but I don't regret my decision. Have fun with that Mini!


First - 1995 Nissan 240sx (miss it so much)

Now - 2002 Dodge Dakota Sport


First car: 1987 Ford Laser (Basically a Mazda 323 built in Australia with sligltly different panneling). Only got rid of it becuase someone crashed into me.

The current car is something a little less practicle but a lot more fun. 2002 MG TF roadser, like the one below. Like the Mx5 mentioned above, a lot of fun to drive even when staying within the law.


First car:

1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four. Beast of a car but was very temperamental to say the least. Was really hard to get the right parts, and the right mechanic to work on it (my local Toyota dealer took one look and there was a lot of 'nope nope nope' - they didn't have anyone who knew what the hell to do with it :D). Ended up a money black hole so I had to shift it. A real shame, it was pretty much a Millennium Falcon of a car - looked like any other old Celica, but if you really caned it could do 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds. Caught many a unsuspecting car out at the traffic lights :). Also it had full time four wheel drive, so I could pretend I was Carlos Sainz (the reason I bought it, always loved rally and the first rally events I remember watching had Sainz blasting around in a Celica). Also, it had pop-up lights, very cool.

When I bought it it had an after-market radiator, straight though exhaust, after-market air filter, strut brace, dump valve (not a stupid one just to make a load of noise - it actually sounded fine), and an easily adjustable turbo boost valve kinda thing which I never touched in case I popped the turbo :).

Looked a lot like the Celica below, but it had very nice Rays Engineering alloys (not stupid size ones, ones that actually fit) and a sunroof:

Rest in peace, sweet prince.

Actually, the car was a total git to maintain, so mixed feelings in the end.

Current car:

2003 BMW Z4 3.0i

So, my current car is a bit different to say the least. I really like it but I'm considering shifting it for something more practical (but still fast :D). Its got a bunch of factory options, and no interesting stories. Well, kinda. Not that long after I bought it I started getting a strange rattling sound coming from beneath the car and couldn't work out what it was. A previous owner had the clutch replaced by someone who didn't know how to tighten bolts the correct amount. This resulted in the drive shaft working itself loose over time as the bolts weren't holding it in palce. Eventually the bolts would have loosened enough that the drive shaft would have fallen off the bottom of the car, resulting in a horrific accident. Glad I got that sorted :).

Looks like this:

but it has some very nice 19" Alpina alloys:

that give it a really awesome look.


@edrington don't know about your celica, but those are good sleeper cars. The engine that toyota uses in those are the same that are used in the lotus elise.


Best car ever


My first car is the montecarlo Z34 and I'm 16 so I still have that car lol its amazing


First Car: 1997 Mazda 626

Current Car: 2003 Lexus is300 I-6 3.0L


First car 1989 honda CRX Si ... loved the go kart feel to it.... not my actual car.

Since then i enjoy more of the 4x4 route... 1982 volvo c202

also drive this daily 1973 volvo 144

Sold this when i left the USA and put a big payment down a house here in Sweden. I miss you War Wagon );


First Car

Am now a frequent rider of this bad boy.


My first car was a Mercedes-Benz 190E 2,3 8v sportline.
(Loved it so much that i bought another one later in life and i'm planning to get yet another one later. Cosworth this time)

My current car is a Volkswagen golf variant (wagon) 1.6 multifuel.


I'm going in inherit this car in a few months:


I'll put this thread in the new vehicle category.