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Your first car and what your driving now


Well i just recently started driving and this might make some people mad....

First car: Factory original Ford Thunderbird 1996



Second car and what i drive now: 2008 Z58 Corvette 

And yes Pentium 4 galore in the background :)



My first was a gas guzzlin' Dodge Ram 1988.

I currently own a 2009 Mazda5 (for my wife and kids) and a 2015 VW Jetta (for me).


My first car was a 1992 Ford Escort SP. It ran great, very little issues. Well there was this one time where I ripped the passerger side door back until it couldn't close anymore. I didn't realize the door hadn't shut all the way and when I backed up *YOINK*. I was confused and annoyed at the same time. The car still treated me right, got her to 286k miles then she started to overheat. I fixed that issue and later the tranny gave out a few months later. WAs very disappointed to see that car die. But I got my money out of it. Paid 1200.


Next I had a 2000 Ford Taurus, paid 1300 I believe. Owned it for 7 months and the head blew up. Turns out that normal for them.


Now I drive a 2002 Ford Escort SP. Runs great only owned it for two months thus far.


nice corvette, would like to test drive one of those lol.


Isn't it against EU law to like American cars?

JK of course


First car was a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT. It died on my about 4 months ago, so I replaced it with a 2012 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L, V6 with a 6-speed. I know nobody ever thinks exciting or luxurious with a Honda Accord, but it is actually a pretty nice car with some pep at 270 bhp. I would have definitely gone with a RWD sports car if I didn't live in upstate NY though. I only graduated from uni about a year ago, so I don't want to blow all my money too soon on a nice Audi. 


first vehicle was a '98 ford ranger. ran like a damn boss. then had a '09 ford ranger, was a pos lemon. then went to a '00 mustang. crashed it 43 days after buying it. now, have a '14 subaru impreza


Have to wait til May for my license >.>


Daaaaayyyyyummmm that's a nice car!


My dad used to do drag in an old '71 Camaro ( i think) and actually won the south island title for our country in the 80's, he sold it however to prove his worth to take over the family business.

Long story short I found it one day in teh complete middle of nowhere ll rusted out and told dad and he came and saw it and sure enough it was the same car!

It's gone missing again however and i'm hoping to find it so that I can get up and going again!





Haha maybe you are right, but i dont care too much about the EU laws lol.

I still think that italian cars are the best looking. But a corvette doesn´t look bad either.

American cars are abit big for Dutch parking places lol, Especialy cars like Dodge Ram and such pickups lol, they dont fit in a parking spot 8 out of 10 times. lol.


Hell, I live in Texas (Pick-Up country) and they still really make parking lot sized for pick-ups.

It is a pain trying to park my work truck.


yeah its terrible lol.

i even have problems somethimes with my dads Merc in small parking garage´s


87 Chevy Caprice Classic with a 305 V8, Cherrybomb glasspack muffler, and sagging headliner. Had a lot of fun times during high school. From hauling all my friends to movies and midnight Call of Duty releases, to romantic drives with the girlfriend of the time, car was strong and reliable. Kept up with the preppy childrens v6 camaros and mustangs, and was able to pass big 4x4 trucks stuck in the snow. I had Autobot stickers all over it. The gf named it Coldstart, since i'd have to let it warm up for a few minutes and then kick the choke off. I miss that stupid fuckin thing. I'd trade my last two piles of shit to have my 87 back.


This is a good thread, just so some more people see it I thought I'd give it a bump :)


first vehicle was a 91 ford ranger regular cab no pics sadly

2nd vehicle was an 88 ramcharger which promptly got some larger tires a small lift and multiple engine mods

then because i was having issues with 6mpg and needing to run premium because of high compression i bought my 97 ford f250 powerstroke which remarkably got 22mpg with a 7.3 turbodiesel

currently I'm driving a 2012 Mustang v6 coupe because 300hp 6 speed manual and 32mpg


My first car was a black 1979 Chrysler Cordoba 360 V8 (hence my screen name). Not nearly as nice as this picture, but it did have the 'Fine Corinthian Leather' bucket seats and t-tops.Wrecked it repeatedly.  I'm now driving some kia pos.



Some nice rides in this thread.

I drove a 1990 Bonneville (aka Bonerville) as my first ride in highschool. Currently I own a 1990 Chevy Suburban 4x4 and a 1990 Mazda MX-5.

Sorry this will be a lot of info but cars for me are about the story behind them. My car comes with me everywhere. I always offer to drive because its a new an exciting journey to take my car on. Some of my fondest memories are in the cars I have owned.

First car I had was shared with my sister. A 1990 Pontiac Bonneville (aka Bonerville). Originally my gradfather's car who sold it to my mom. My mom let me and my sister drive it after she started leasing a Ford Fusion and was not using the Bonneville anymore. Sister got into an accident and the car was totaled. (Stock Photo)

My sister was out a car but I drove around my dad's 1996 F250 Powerstroke. Pretty awesome rolling into high school and drown out everyone with the straight pipe haha. I was the redneck city kid with the giant truck in private catholic school. My dad still uses it as his primary vehicle and work truck (Stock Photo)

Went to college and didn't have a car for a while. Then my neighbor is selling his 1990 Suburban. I road around in it in my highschool years with my friend so it had some sentimental value to it as well. Nicknamed "Frank the Tank" he has seen a fair share in his day. Rebuild rear diff after I snapped the stock in half, new dual exhaust with insanely loud mufflers ('murica), been through a wicked hail storm so its got a few new windows. Been with me through all my romantic dating life. The greatest snopocolpyse/zombipocolypse vehicle ever. Still have the old beast but it is tired.

Since Frank was not the best vehicle on fuel I bought a 2003 Ford Focus SVT. Nicest car I owned after I fixed the PO mistakes but ultimately a road ranging Pennsyltucky in his giant pickup ran me off the road and was nearly hit by an opposing traffic semi truck. I owned the car a mere 3 months and had 7k invested in it. Lost a decent chunk of change and learned several valuable life lessons. It was sad everyone liked the car. All my friends thought it was great, kids pointed at it on the street and all my neighbors complimented me on it.

After lamenting over my loss for some time I spotted a craigslist add for a cheap 1990 MX-5 Miata with just over 100K miles with a hardtop. I jumped on it. The most fun you can have on public roads within the speed limit. Its a street legal go cart and so much damn fun.


First car...

What I'm driving now...


The pics are from similar models pulled from the web since the originals are on some old HDD somewhere at the moment. I'll post a pic of my current ride later.

The first car I drove was my mother's old white Volkswagen Golf.

Since then I've been lucky with a vehicle expense with work since I commute so damn much. I always lease and never buy.
The second car I drove was a silver 2000 A4, her name was Christine.

The third car I drove was a dark grey 2004 A4, her name was Lucille.

The fourth car I drove was a white 2008 A3, her name was Mags. (Maggie)

My current car is a white 2013 bmw 328. She doesn't have a name yet.


Just got my first car about a month ago it is a 2005 Mini Cooper S. Got it for pretty cheap considering it only had 65000 miles. It is as close to a go kart as you can get. Sorry @Sal_L :D. I currently am loving it, people see the supercharged 4 only putting out 168hp, but you have to remember that the car is about 2000lbs lighter than most cars on the road. It gets going really quick with the 6 speed manual. It is also great for parking as when most people say there is no way that you can fit there, the mini gets there no problem.
Sorry I don't currently have any good close up shots, I will add those later. That is just a picture that I took when I was looking into buying the car. Honestly the only thing that it is missing is those two signature stripes on it, I will be adding them on, however I can't quite decide on black or white. What do you think? The biggest problem with this car is that I live in Indiana and this car is not very good in the snow. However I love how different the interior looks.,IMD5rir