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Your first car and what your driving now


First car: Prius Plug-In Hybrid

Current car: Prius Plug-In Hybrid


First car was a 2002 Ford Focus which I still have. Although now it is turbocharged, has no carpets, plastic windows, no back seat, racing seats up front with 5 point harnesses, no radio, no climate control, no airbags and a fire extinguisher. I race in amateur rally cross with it and on occasion drive it around town or to get groceries. It is ridiculous but so awesome.

I also have a 1989 Porsche 928 S4. That has been modified as well. New exhaust, new ECU and a supercharger as well as upgraded brakes and a new stereo. It is a fabulous GT car and with around 525 HP on tap pretty potent as well. Love these things. They are cheap, fairly reliable, and can easily be boosted.

Daily driver though is a 2005 BMW M3 coupe. I'd argue that the 3.2L I6 in this car is the best engine ever made. Thing costs a bit to run but it drives so well. I love it.

When the weather is nice I will take my bike. 2005 Honda CBR 1000RR with the Repsol livery.

I, well we as it is my wife's car, just bought a 2015 Volvo S60 R-Design. Seriously nice car. Drives way better than it has any right to.


one of my friend's bought his wife an S-Class and slapped an AMG badge on it... she has no idea...


Cars serve the purpose of moving me from point a to b I care not about anything else


if you kick the  accelerator to the floor, then you will definitely know lol.


My current car, my first car was a ford escort.


Me and my first love back in 83, and yes short shorts were a thing back then. The car is a 1973 Mark I Ford Escort XL 1300 four door. Red with a fully red interior, vinyl seats and carpets all red! fake wood on the doors, Ah the 70's cars were a thing to see.


My current car is a 15 year old Citroen Synergie, here in the UK we call it a people carrier but I believe in the US it would be called a mini van. Big square with seven seats. 115,000 miles but still runs well and gets good fuel consumption. It gets confusing comparing UK and US milage as the Gallon is not the same size. 50 to the Gallon on a long run, gota love diesel engines.


First car : 1986 BMW 325E with a 198X I engine swap

Currently Driving : 2013 Scion FR-S with plenty of mods


First and current car is a 2006 Jeep Liberty Renegade (6-speed manual transmission).  Bad gas mileage (18MPG highway), not a great engine (Chrysler PowerTech V6) only makes 210 horsepower and 235 lb. ft torque @ 4000 RPM, but stick it into 4WD LO, torque is multiplied 2.72 times.  Makes for a great stuck Hummer rescue vehicle :)

Has independent front suspension and a live rear axle.  Good suspension travel in the rear, better than average travel in the front for IFS, transfer case, selectable 4WD modes, 2WD sends just power to the rear, 4WD Hi and Lo for off-roading and 48% front and 52% rear power distribution.  Light bar, fog lights, tail light guards, rock rails and skids plates: all the necessary equipment for driving in tough terrain.

On the surface, it doesn't appear to be a particularly fantastic car.  Jeep enthusiasts will tell you it can't go off road due to the independent front suspension (this couldn't be farther from the truth) and people who like crossovers will tell you it gets bad gas mileage and doesn't ride particularly smoothly on the road (it is a Jeep after all).  Acceleration is abysmal, but the engine makes a particularly hilarious roar when you drive it hard, like the engine is much bigger than it actually is (especially when you can take the RPM's all the way to the redline with the manual transmission).  Despite all of it's flaws, I love it.  I have done serious off-roading even in it's stock configuration (the factory rock rails and skid plates have helped prevent otherwise serious damage, and the manual transmission helps for getting out situations where I would otherwise get stuck) and it's flawless mechanically, other than a few quirks with the power locks and power windows (I will take small problems over an exploded transmission or a thrown rod any day) and while it only has 85,000 miles, they have been an extremely hard 85,000 miles (learning stick with the car, off-roading, towing things that are way over it's recommended towing capacity and just being the general, utilitarian vehicle when we need it)

I love my Jeep, because it's a highly criticized car, that has the added benefit of shutting the critics up when you show people how it performs in tough situations.

I plan to get a 2.5" lift and some bigger tires for it at some point, and do some modifications to squeeze some more power out of the engine as well to offset the added weight, circumference, and drag lifting and getting bigger tires will have on the vehicle. 


It's a shame that Jeep doesn't make cars like this anymore.


Semi-unrelated question, I can't seem to be able to get a picture to show up directly on my post (unlike yours), I can only post a link of the image to my Imgur.  How did you post your picture directly?


It;s just old (see mileage) and yea original tranny. It shifts fine in the summer and once it warms up but in the winter it's stiff as hell and sticks a little bit.



My first car, I bought it back in 1998 from the original owner.

I still drive it today, though only during the summer, never in winter (road salt!)

Just ticked past 300,000 on the original trans + motor

1983 Datsun 280ZX Coupe 5-speed manual transmission and 2.8-liter L28 inline-6 non-turbo


doh , and this whole time i've been doing my tags manually >_<


I loved the FR-S, until an irritating wealthy kid from High School got one from daddy for graduation, and unfortunately he drives like a perpetual idiot/ imbecile.  I love the car, but every time I see one I think of him.


I am seriously jealous of your car.  I bet that inline-6 sings.


yeah the Datsun 280X is a very sexy looking car ☺


First car was a hatchback 80 something Chevy nova. It was butt ugly. 


Now I drive an 2007 Audi rs4 with a rocket for an engine (not really a rocket but it shares it's motor with a Lamborghini. )


Datsun Zs always reminded me of the classic jags without all the maintenance headaches which is why I love them. Very rock solid car with indestructible engine, especially when they don't have turbos.

In 3 more years I can get Antique plates for it.

I will get it reupholstered and given a new professional paint job. The paint on the top has faded and become dull. Still a very sound car mechanically.